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15 Seconds of Terror

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15 seconds isn’t a long time, unless you are a resident of Sderot. That’s about as much warning as they can hope for once missiles are launched and en-route to their homes and schools. 15 seconds of fear and panic can seem an eternity, as captured in our latest short film.

15 Seconds of terror

The people of Sderot are under constant bombardment. It is a horrifying situation that demands the world’s attention in a context that reveals the full extent of civilian suffering at the hands of Gazan terrorists.

Watch our short film about the situation and help us demand that the media report accurately on the intent of the terrorists’ actions and their psychological impact instead of a simple analysis of damage assessment. As our movie shows, there is no child who survives those 15 seconds, who is likely to live a life unharmed.

Together we can make a difference in media coverage of Israel. Click the image above to view, and thank you for supporting our cause.

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