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Action Alert

Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director, April 30, 2003

As part of the Committee For a One-State Solution, AFSI has created this
billboard and bumper sticker campaign in order to halt the “Road Map.”
Please read the enclosed and contact AFSI to learn how you can help
promote this effort.



GARY L. BAUER American Values 2800 Shirlington Road
Arlington, Virginia 22206 703-671-9700

E.E. “ED” McATEER Religious Roundtable 5911 Brierdale Ave.
Memphis, Tenn. 38120 901-685-6542

PASTOR R. UPTON Apostolic Congress P.O. Box 2175
Clarksville, Tenn. 37042 931-206-4328

HERBERT ZWEIBON Americans For a Safe Israel 1623 Third Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10128 212-828-2424

Contact: E.E. Ed McAteer or Pastor Robert Upton

The Religious Roundtable and the Apostolic Congress are sponsoring a
grassroots campaign in support of Israel. Their respective leaders,
Chairman Edward E. McAteer and Executive Director Pastor Robert Upton
are helping spearhead an effort to assist Israel at this crucial moment
in history.

The group leads a billboard campaign that petitions President Bush to
honor God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The campaign
reflects the growing concern within the Christian community that the
“road map” for “peace” – introduced by the U.S. in conjunction with the
European Union, Russia and the U.N. – will dictate the surrender of
biblical lands promised to Israel- an affront to all believers.

Thousands of bumper stickers have been sent out nationwide to
communities asking that Americans pray that President Bush honor God’s
covenant with Israel. The billboard campaign delivers the same message
and quotes from scripture; “And the Lord said to Jacob.. ‘Unto you will
I give this land!” (Genesis 35:11-12)

The billboards ask that people contact the White House at 202 – 456-1111
and provides the web site for the Apostolic Congress -

These billboards will be appearing shortly in your locales as part of a
national campaign, and the bumper stickers continue to be distributed.

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