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BACKGROUND INFO: Suicide Bombing Thwarted

Attributed to “security sources” [Provided by IDF Spokesperson's Office]

Suicide bombing thwarted

In a joint IDF and ISA operation overnight in Nablus, forces uncovered a
10kg explosive belt which was intended for use in a suicide bombing in the
coming days.

Abdullah Haled Mahmad Qatawi and Jihad Yusef Shamah Dukan, 17, were in close
contact with Nablus’s terror infrastructure, with the help of which they
planned to carry out the attack. Following their arrest the two were
questioned by the forces and led them to the location of the explosive belt.
The belt was detonated by the forces in a controlled environment and the two
were taken for questioning.

The planned suicide bombing demonstrates the continued effort of terror
organizations to carry out attacks against Israeli civilians, especially
during the Jewish holidays.

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