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Binyamin Residents: High Court Decision Racist

by Gil Ronen

( Residents of the western Binyamin area asked Tuesday if the High Court was motivated by racism, in accepting a petition by Arabs to allow them to use Route 443, after it rejected a petition by Jews to allow them to use an “all Arab” road.

Adi Mintz, a resident of Dolev in Binyamin and former Yesha Council Head, who led the failed Jewish petition regarding the use of another road, said that “the High Court decision today causes ethnic discrimination against Jews.”

Since PA Arabs launched the great terror war known as “the Second Intifada” in 2000, and after dozens of drive-by terror attacks by Arabs against Jews who were traveling on the same roads, Israel’s security authorities designated certain roads in Judea and Samaria as being “for Arabs only” and others as “for Jews only.” Route 443, a main road between the center of the country and Jerusalem, was closed off to PA Arab traffic, but on Tuesday, the High Court decision reopened Route 443 to Arabs.

‘How dare they?’
The decision was taken by a two-to-one vote, with Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and Justice Uzi Fogelman in favor and Justice Edmond Levi opposed.

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) reacted to the decision Tuesday by demanding that the IDF allow Jews living in Judea and Samaria to use the highways which are currently reserved for Arabs only.

“It has again been proven that the security of Israel’s citizens is worth less than the comfort of travel of the Palestinians,” Ariel said. “Yet, in view of the ruling, the IDF is duty-bound to allow Jews to use roads that are open only for Arab use, like the Dolev – Beit Horon road. It is unacceptable that while the High Court accommodates the Palestinians and allows them de facto free access to all of Judea and Samaria’s roads, the Jews must travel in specific roads only.”

NU Chairman Yaakov Katz asked: “How dare Fogelman and Beinisch adopt a line that opposes the IDF and the security of the country’s residents? The road was closed because a lot of blood was spilled there. Beinisch and Fogelman are hounding the state’s citizens. A small minority represented by three MKs has taken over the Supreme Court and the course of our lives here.”
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