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Bombing Gaza

The call for cease fire and the condemnation, as is predictable, has begun. Tomorrow the Arab League will convene and more condemnations will ensue followed by a probable meeting of the UN security council (depending on how long the bombings will last.) Now there is a call for not only Israel to halt the bombing but for Hamas to also halt the bombing. That call is a little late and totally meaningless. All the critics could have prevented today’s response if they had been proactive when Hamas was bombing Israel.

Everyone knows that the condemnation of Israel is hypocritical including the Arab leaders who knew all along that the Hamas bombings would call for a response even from the most reluctant and dovish of Israel’s leaders.

Hamas leadership also knew of the inevitability of a strong Israeli response. Could it be that the Hamas leadership intentionally invited this retaliation to draw attention to their cause or were they just indifferent. Either way, if that is so, then the real enemy of the Palestinian people is their own leadership.

Below is a report from a site on the internet

A Metulla News Agency ( for those who read French) release reports that 50 targets were hit simultaneously in the first wave of bombing, scoring 97% of direct hits in the space of 3 minutes. 50 additional targets were hit in the second wave. Most of the command posts, military bases, arms factories, and arsenals were damaged or destroyed. Tunnel personnel came scurrying out of their underground enterprises near the Egyptian border as the bombings shook the earth. Noting that Hamas spokesman Fawzi Baroum gave shooting orders—over the radio– to rocket launchers near the Israeli border, the Metulla reporter supposes that the military communications network was destroyed. An airstrike against a building where Hamas military and political personnel had just gathered for an emergency meeting indicates, according to the same source, information gathered from human intelligence on the ground. The Metulla News Agency release concludes that Hamas, caught by surprise by “the timing, the scope, and the precision of the attack,” is desperately searching for some civilian victims to display as proof of an Israeli massacre.
By 5.30 PM, Le Figaro had lined up an impressive list of condemnations. The U.E., Javier Solana, President Sarkozy, PM François Fillon, Ban Ki-Moon, Leila Chahid, Turkey, Mahmoud Abbas, Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, Moubarak, the Arab League, Iran, Ghadaffi, Syria… Le Figaro tucked the U.S. and the U.K. into the list, trying to assimilate them with these accusations of everything from carelessness to war crimes. They must have missed this exchange with Egyptian MFA Ahmed Aboul Gheit, at a Cairo press conference. Asked if he’d known the attack was imminent, About Gheit replied, “Didn’t you? Didn’t you hear the declaration of Tzipi Livin last Thursday?” He said Hamas had been warned, and shouldn’t be surprised at getting what they asked for.

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