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Encouraging Islamist Zealotry

By: Joseph Farah

It pains me to write this. But it is becoming increasingly clear to me that Israel, in so many ways on the front lines in the fight against Islamo-fascism, is actually a force promoting it.

At least the misguided, corrupt governments of Israel have managed this mission impossible.

I don’t make this statement rashly. I’ve considered what I’m saying for a long time. I’ve hesitated to say it before because I have endeavored to give the Jewish state the benefit of every possible doubt.

Many in the Arab and Muslim worlds consider me an outright apologist for Israel. I have been caricatured as a Zionist apparatchik. I have been accused of being a Mossad disinformation specialist. So, when I criticize Israel, what I say ought to be at least considered – especially by Israelis and Jews.

It is not just Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s bizarre behavior and irrational policies with respect to Iran-directed Hizbullah attacks from Lebanon. But I will concede that my efforts at trying to comprehend the incomprehensible in this case led inescapably to this conclusion.

Like it or not, Israel is fostering Islamo-fascism.

It is not doing so because of its aggressiveness, as some claim. It is not doing so because of its retaliations against attacks, as some claim. It is not doing so because of its heavy-handedness or brutality, as some claim.

On the contrary, it is doing so by sending all the wrong signals to its mortal enemies.
This is not a new phenomenon. I’ve written about it frequently. We witnessed it just last year with Ariel Sharon’s forced “disengagement” from Gaza. We witnessed it years earlier with Ehud Barak’s unilateral, middle-of-the-night withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

And we witnessed it 40 years ago at the conclusion of the 1967 Six-Day War – reborn Israel’s crowning military achievement, a miraculous drubbing of its imposing enemies who outnumbered the Jews in the region about 100 to one.

What happened at the conclusion of that war in which Israel conquered the Golan Heights from Syria, Judea and Samaria from Jordan, Gaza and Sinai from Egypt and, most important of all, the Old City of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, from Jordan?

The Israeli government gave the Temple Mount, inarguably the most holy site in Judaism, back to the hostile Muslim Arabs to administer – effectively agreeing to ban Jews and other non-Muslims from a religious site of deep significance to Christians as well.

This may not have been the first example of Israeli enabling of Islamo-fascism, but to me it is the biggest, the worst, the most egregious, the least forgivable.

A mere 12 years later, in 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran, an event seen by many as the birth of the modern Islamo-fascist movement. While that is overstating the case, it is absolutely true that the mullahs in Iran and the other radical Islamists around the globe watched what happened in June 1967 in Jerusalem in awe and amazement.

First they saw their hated enemies, the Jews, overpower and overrun much bigger armies in convincing fashion. Then they saw a rabbi ascend to the top of the Western Wall of the newly captured Temple Mount and blow the shofar, or traditional ram’s horn. Many Jews believed these developments signaled the imminent coming of the Messiah.

These events made the Islamo-fascists question – at least momentarily – what was happening to them. Was Allah abandoning them? Had they been unfaithful? Was it a judgment? How was it possible that the Jews’ faith was being rewarded while their faith was being denied?

Then Moshe Dayan announced that the Temple Mount would be handed over to the Muslim authorities to administer.

It was the ultimate appeasement. Oh, he had his religious justifications for the move. Some rabbis insisted Jews could not step foot on the Temple Mount for fear of contaminating the Holy of Holies. Presumably they had no fears the place where the glory of God is manifested physically would be contaminated by the control of Muslims who denied the historic fact that a Jewish temple ever existed on the mount.

Such an unexpected turnaround was perceived as it could only be understood in the Islamic world. It was both an Israeli capitulation – the first of many – and an act of Allah.

No matter how hard the Israelis try to demonstrate such random suicidal acts of compassion, they will only be rewarded with more hatred, more violence and more intransigence. What they are doing is reaffirming the Muslim zealots’ faith in Allah. They are reaffirming the Koran’s contempt for Jews and other infidels.

Israel may have won three major wars in its 60-year history, but it will be lucky to survive another decade of morally bankrupt leadership. It’s not just former prime minister Ariel Sharon who is comatose. It seems the whole current Israeli government is brain dead.

How else can one explain Israel’s agreement to Lebanon cease-fire terms that amount to unconditional surrender? Let’s review what Israel has done:

It launched a war on Iran-directed Hizbullah terrorists after they kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, killed eight others and rocketed northern Israel towns. From the beginning, Israel demanded the return of its troops and the disarming of the terrorists. What did Israel get in the cease-fire deal? No return of the kidnapped troops and Hizbullah terrorists remain under arms.

How can you ask soldiers to kill and die for a simple objective that is later abandoned without explanation or reason?

Does Olmert not understand what his surrender means? It means he has given aid and comfort to Israel’s enemies. He has handed Hizbullah its biggest victory since former prime minister Ehud Barak unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon, handing the southern part of the country to Iran’s proxy army and positioning it to claim it had defeated the Jewish state.

He has also proved to Israel’s other terrorist enemies – those in Hamas and the Palestinian Authority – that rocket attacks, assassinations and kidnappings are winning tactics against the Jewish state. Prepare to see more of them under the terms of this “cease-fire.”

Hizbullah has won. That’s the unimaginable bottom line after this conflict. The terrorists have won – not in the battlefield, mind you. But they won before the war ever began because weak-kneed, cowardly, morally unfit leaders in Jerusalem would never permit Israel to win.

With Hizbullah’s victory, Iran and Syria have been emboldened as well. This is bad news not just for Israel, but for the entire world.

If you think I overstate the case, ask yourself this fundamental question: Is Israel more secure after abandoning its conflict in Lebanon or less secure?

You know the answer. Everyone knows the answer.

Israel may have one of the greatest military machines in the world. It may have an intelligence apparatus that is the envy of superpowers. It may even have right on its side.
But Israel is being led by men unworthy of its history, unworthy of its sacrifices, unworthy of its hard-fought victories of the past and unworthy of God’s sovereign promises to bless the Jewish state forever.

It’s clear the only enemy that could ever destroy Israel is the kind of internal moral rot we are witnessing today in Jerusalem. Israel has just one shot at surviving its terminal illness – cutting out the cancer that is the Olmert government.

Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of World Net Daily and a nationally syndicated columnist. His latest book is “Taking America Back.”

Copyright 2008

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