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Female soldiers will be using the Tavor rifle for the first time

The advanced rifle will be issued to female and male soldiers of the Caracal
Battalion in the coming August draft

Yarden Vinter IDF Spokesperson

Soldiers of the Caracal Battalion are due to receive the advanced Tavor
rifle, which is a new Israeli assault rifle. The Caracal Battalion is an
infantry combat battalion that is composed of male and female soldiers. The
August draft will be first to receive the rifle in this battalion. Even
though the use of the Tavor has been expanding in the IDF, this will be the
first time that female soldiers will be given this weapon.

The change of armament in the battalion will not be too complicated, because
the soldiers will go through the basic and advanced training phases in the
Givati Brigade training base, where Givati soldiers who were the first to
use this rifle, are already experienced with the use of the Tavor. The full
reception and implementation of the weapons amongst female and male soldiers
is expected to end three years from now.

“At first, there was an idea to introduce the Tavor rifle as soon as the
advanced training phase of the 09 March draft,” said Brig. Commander of the
Sagie Brigade, Col. Amir Avivi, “However, we eventually decided that the
right thing to do will be to give a soldier one weapon from his draft day
until his release day. Therefore it was decided to begin the distribution of
the weapons from the coming August draft.”

The change of weaponry is not the only operational transformation known to
the Caracal Battalion in recent days, as they are expected to undergo
external changes such as: a new unit badge that will be launched in the
beginning of the coming exercise held by the Battalion. The new badge will
incorporate the Sagie Brigade badge, as well as the symbol of the
Battalion – the Caracal cat.

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