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(Definition from gone mad or lost his reason or done something really stupid)

Letter from Ruth Matar (Women in Green) Jerusalem
Thursday, LETTER FROM RUTH MATAR, Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dear Friends,

I have been abroad on a short trip. During my absence, the situation in Israel has deteriorated from very bad to downright dangerous for the very survival of Israel as the re-born Jewish State.

We, unfortunately, have been cursed with Ehud Olmert as Prime Minister, whose primary motivation seems to be to hold on to his job, his position of power, and this at a detrimental risk to his own people.

I am quoting from an excellent editorial in the Jerusalem Post of December 26, 2006, entitled “Olmert’s Lifeline”.

“At David Ben Gurion’s gravesite four weeks ago, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a heartfelt appeal to the Palestinians. ‘If they and their leadership would stop the terror, violence and efforts to harm Israeli civilians…recognize our right to live in peace and security next to you, and relinquish your right to the realization of the right of return,’ he said, ‘they would discover, in Israel, a ready partner.’

In a partnership with Israel, the Palestinians would achieve a viable statehood. En route to that state, Olmert said he would relinquish territory and evacuate settlements. More immediately, he said he would release blocked PA funding, ease humanitarian conditions in the territories, remove roadblocks, partner the Palestinians in establishing employment-generating industrial zones and even release security prisoners once Cpl. Gilad Shalit was set free. All of this, once the Palestinians halted terror.

At his meeting with Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem on December 23, and in the moves he has been weighing since, Olmert began making good on some of his offers – unilaterally. He is releasing $100 million of PA tax revenue. He is contemplating the removal of road blocks. He is reviewing the question of whether to free Palestinian security prisoners, even though Shalit is still being held.

All of these moves hold real dangers. However acute the controls over the renewed flow of money, it plainly frees up other funding within the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority for potential use to stoke terrorism. However beneficial the increased freedom of movement for ordinary Palestinians, removing roadblocks also makes travel easier for suicide bombers and other terrorists. However firm a freed prisoner’s purported commitment to desist from terrorism, experience has unsurprisingly proved that vicious men return to violent habits.

The transfer of the $100 million, furthermore, undermines the Quartet’s insistence on Hamas accepting Israel as a precondition for receiving PA funding. And the contemplated release of security prisoners as a goodwill gesture undermines the legal process that saw them jailed in the first place.”

Olmert has been under United States and European pressure to take steps to bolster moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a power struggle with the Islamic militant group Hamas, which ousted Abbas’ Fatah faction in a parliamentary poll last year.

Is Mahmoud Abbas really a “moderate”? Far from it!

* He co-founded the terrorist organization, the PLO, together with Yasser Arafat in 1964.
* He worked alongside Arafat for 40 years.
* He is a Holocaust denier who wrote his doctoral thesis, which later became a book on “THE OTHER SIDE: THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN NAZISM AND ZIONISM”. Abu Mazen raised doubts in his book that the gas chambers were, in fact, used to kill Jews.
* He was the paymaster of the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes in 1972 (one of these athletes was an American citizen).

Has Olmert gone completely mad? Why is he even contemplating moves with Abbas, this longtime leader of the terrorist organization Fatah, which is so dangerous for Israel’s survival?

One of Olmert’s most dangerous planned concessions to Mahmoud Abbas is the release of hundreds of terrorist prisoners, including those with blood on their hands such as Marwan Barghouti.

Olmert is also favorably considering Abbas’ request to release his 180 Fatah terrorists who shot their way into the Church of the Nativity in April, 2002, and who held this sacred site and some 150 clergymen hostage for 39 days.

When the siege ended, the released hostages told of frequent beatings. “They ate like monsters and we went hungry. They stole anything that looked like gold or silver and also our crosses and prayer books. They used the Bible as toilet paper.”

Thirteen of the ringleaders of the siege were deported to Cyprus and then dispersed to European countries. Twenty-six went to Gaza.

Bethlehem’s Christians could not hide their relief at the expulsions. They spoke of a “reign of terror”, of rape, murder and extortion that the Fatah terrorists had waged against them over the previous two years.

And now, Olmert is considering to give in to Abbas and let them return to Bethlehem?

It is in the vital interest of both Jews and Christians living in the Holy Land that Ehud Olmert be removed from the office of Prime Minister.

In conclusion, I want to quote from an article by Professor of Political Science, Paul Eidelberg.

“Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s cease-fire policy is precisely that: Israelis cease while Arabs fire. How are we to understand this absurdity? I contend that Olmert, in addition to being an idiot, is complicit in murder.

His cease-fire policy ­ it’s also called “self-restraint” ­ allows Arab terrorists to fire missiles at Jewish communities and kill Jews with impunity. But this touches only the surface of things.

That Olmert remains in power despite his inane and cowardly cease-fire policy is indicative of the bankruptcy of Israel’s political and judicial system. In the United States, this irresponsible, gasbag politician would have been driven from office by an outraged Congress or by impeachment.”

Professor Eidelberg expressed the feelings of many, many people who agree with what he wrote in his article!

With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

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