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Hundreds of Arabs Rampage in Shiloach

by Gil Ronen

( Arabs in Shiloach (Silwan) near the Kotel in Jerusalem went on a rampage Sunday evening. At least two hundred Arabs hurled fire bombs, fireworks and rocks at security guards stationed at Beit HaDvash in the neighborhood, and at dozens of policemen and Border Police who came to restore order.

Three homes were reportedly on fire.

At least ten security men were lightly hurt. Six of these are apparently policemen and four others are Beit HaDvash guards. The guards reportedly fired in the air to ward off the attackers and police forces used stun grenades against the rioters.

Earlier in the afternoon, an Arab mob in Shiloach attacked a car driven by a Jewish man, Rechavia Piltz. Piltz’s three children, the eldest of whom is eight, were inside the car with him. He managed to drive away but the vehicle was damaged.

Border Guards arrested two Arabs near Shechem in Samaria Sunday evening after they placed three pipe bombs in a plastic bag near the Huwara checkpoint.

Arabs also hurled rocks at the Jewish community in Hevron Sunday. No one was reported hurt.
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