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Israel agrees not to arrest 48 wanted Palestinians

Israel pardons 48 wanted Palestinians
Date: 26 / 08 / 2008 Time: 17:31

Nablus – Ma’an – Israel pardoned 48 Palestinian activists on Tuesday it had
previously deemed “wanted,” including 21 from the West Bank city of Nablus.

A Palestinian security source told Ma’an that the Palestinian and Israeli
negotiation teams agreed during a meeting on Monday to allow the former
Palestinian fighters to return civilian life without fearing arrest or
assassination by the Israeli military.

Fourteen people received total amnesty, and another 34 received partial
amnesty, meaning that they will not be arrested so long as they remain in
areas of Palestinian Authority (PA) control (Area A of the West Bank, a
series of enclaves designated by the Oslo interim agreement).

In addition to the list of 48, Five former fighters who were detained in the
PA’s Juneid prison in Nablus received complete amnesty and five detainees in
the jail received partial amnesty.

Another 20 men will be released from PA custody.

Ma’an’s correspondent in Nablus identified the activists who have been
pardoned as:

Mahdi Akkubah, Ala’ Sulaiman, Amr Amirah, Ala’ Sanakrah the most prominent
activist on the list), Salah Abu Leil, Abdul-Nasser Abu Kushuk, Raed Fakhr
Addin, Muneer Qatawi, Abdul-Mun’im Sanakrah, Muhammad Zabaru, Yasin Banat,
Sa’id Misha, Muhammad Al-Hajj, Muhammad An-Nuri, Yousif Salah, Muhammad
Hashash, Ali Kojak, Mujahid Abu Zeid and Sireen Abu Salim.

Only 19 names appear hear because, a security source explained that two of
the 21 Nablus men were not in fact wanted by Israel.

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