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National Home Front Training Exercise for Israeli Security and Rescue Forces and Public Readiness

IDF Spokesperson May 30th, 2009

National Home Front Training Exercise for Israeli Security and Rescue Forces
and Public Readiness

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 31st, 2009, the IDF Home Front Command, in conjunction
with the National Emergency Authority, will carry out a comprehensive
national training exercise across Israel. The exercise will involve various
governmental offices, local authorities, security and rescue teams, the
Israeli education establishment and other public and private institutions.

The exercise, taking place for the third consecutive year, was scheduled and
planned in advance as a part of the IDF’s 2009 training plan. The exercise
was thoroughly planned during the last few months by an Israeli national
committee comprising the representatives of different governmental

The exercise is aimed at improving Israel’s national preparedness by
exercising the coordinated operation of its emergency response institutions
during emergencies. The exercise will examine the simultaneous functioning
of the various institutions in order to highlight possible areas for

The exercise will include both a tabletop headquarters’ component and field
level drills to train the National Emergency Authority and the Home Front
Command for a range of different scenarios.

As a part of the exercise, at 11 am, Tuesday, June 2nd, a 90 second siren
will sound across the country. Additional sirens may be heard intermittently
during the course of the exercise. Pyrotechnics may also be visible in
different locations as part of the exercise.

The Home Front Command will broadcast instructions and tutorial videos on
public channel 33. The videos will demonstrate to viewers how to choose a
protected space and what to do when a siren is sounded.

Schools, kindergartens and educational institutions across Israel will
participate in the exercise, practicing emergency entry into protected
spaces. Rear military bases, governmental offices and public institutions
will also practice entry into protected spaces upon hearing the siren. The
exercise will also involve the municipal authorities and their liaison units
to the Home Front Command who will be called up for the exercise.

Field exercises simulating various scenarios will take place between
Tuesday-Thursday, June 2nd-4th.

OC Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan asked the public to cooperate
with the exercise, saying: “It is of great importance that every civilian,
institute and workplace will seriously practice in order to improve our
preparedness and national resilience”.

The IDF Spokesperson Unit hereby announces that at the sound of the siren
all citizens of Israel are requested to practice entering a pre-chosen
protected space whether at home, at work or inside any other structure. If
following these directions is not possible during the exercise, it is
important to remember to do so during a real emergency upon hearing a siren,
and to remain there for a period of ten minutes

For the Israeli schoolchildren participating in the exercise, public
channels 23 and 33 will broadcast instructional programs designated for
children following the sound of the siren at 11am on Tuesday.

As part of the exercise and the examination of an alert system based on
mobile phones, residents of certain areas of Israel may receive SMS
messages. These messages are for the sake of exercise only, and will convey
a text along the lines of “have a good day” under the signature of the IDF
Home Front Command.

During the course of the exercise, the operation of all services and
institutions, including hospitals, will continue without interruption and
vehicle movements including public transit operations will not be stopped.
There is no requirement to cancel large gatherings and public events.

For more information, please visit the Home Front Command website at
WWW.OREF.ORG.IL or dial 1207 for the Home Front Command Telephone
information centre. Information is provided in Hebrew, Arabic, English and
other languages.

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