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Expulsion of Jews will be prevented

By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff Jerusalem Newswire March 28, 2005

JERUSALEM – Responding to the Knesset’s overwhelming decision Monday to deny
Israelis the chance to vote on surrendering land to the Arabs, the Council of
Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip (Yesha) said it would
prevent the planned retreat nonetheless.

Spokespersons for the council said on the day Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
orders his forces to implement the ‘disengagement’ plan, Israeli Jews will swarm
Gaza and northern Samaria and passively block the expulsion of the local
Jewish populations.

The Council “is transferring the struggle to the people and to the field, and
is intending to turn up, along with more than 100,000 other people, in Gush
Katif and northern Samaria, in order to prevent the implementation of this plan,
‘ Arutz 7 quoted them as saying.

Knesset member Effi Eitam echoed that sentiment, stating that since the
Knesset had “voted against democracy and against the will of the people’hundreds of
thousands of citizens whose right to vote in a referendum was denied will
vote with their feet in Gush Katif, and will prove that the majority of the
nation is against the disengagement.”

Monday’s 72-39 Knesset vote against a referendum on the retreat was a major
blow to diplomatic efforts to prevent Sharon’s plan and avoid a growing
national rift.

‘The prime minister today prevented, in a pernicious way, the chance to turn
the plan over to the judgment of the people and to prevent civil war and
violent confrontation,’ the Yesha Council stated.

National Union MK Tzvi Hendel lashed out at Sharon following the vote saying,
‘It is to the nation’s shame that the man at the head of the government is a
coward, afraid to accept the people’s decision, [and] buying votes by
dictatorial and intimidating means.’

While Sharon insists the vast majority of Israelis support a retreat from
Gaza and northern Samaria, he has fought against holding a national referendum
and ignored the results of two Likud referendums held last year.

“Sharon may have succeeded in burying the referendum, but I have no doubt
that ultimately truth will win out and the disengagement will be buried,’ Hendel

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