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IDF Soldier, Eyal Tziki, 23, Run Over by Arab Taxi

Arutz Sheva April 26, 2005

An IDF reserve soldier was killed Monday night by an Arab taxi driver who
crashed through a roadblock on the Halhoul bridge of the Trans-Judean
highway, north of Hebron.

The soldier, First Sergeant Tziki Eyal, 23, was from Mazkeret Batya.

The Arab driver, Iyad Dwek, 30, was shot and killed by soldiers as he
attempted to flee the roadblock. IDF sources said that the incident is still under
investigation, and so far it is unclear whether the driver had intended to
murder the soldier, or accidentally stepped on the gas pedal as he was stopped
for inspection.

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Dwek has not
been tied to any terror organization and no weapons were found in his car.
Investigators are trying to determine whether the driver was unable to see the
soldier in the dark, or had some, as yet unidentified reason for trying to
avoid being checked.

The roadblock was set up by an armored corps unit Monday night on the
Halhoul bridge in response to gunshots that were heard by soldiers who were
stationed nearby. The incident occured at approximately 10:00pm when Eyal, a
reserve soldier, was fatally hit.

Soldiers who witnessed the incident said that at first, the taxi driver
slowed down as he approached the roadblock, but suddenly accelerated, driving
directly into Eyal, running him over.

Magen David Adom ambulance teams arriving at the scene were unable to revive
Eyal who died of his wounds shortly after being hit by the vehicle.

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