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Abbas – Israel must withdraw from every meter (including eastern Jerusalem) Abbas Asks Israel to Withdaraw to 1967 Bordres, Describes Talks With Sharon ‘Harsh” June 26, 2005

PALESTINE,June 26,2005 (IPC+WAFA)-[Official PA website]–The President
Mahmoud Abbas asserted that PNA will crack down the lawlessness and the
anarchy in the Palestinian street in wise and decisive way to allow the
citizen to live secure”.

His excellency also assrted that the Palestinian National Authority will
contune persistently demanding the Palestinian rights including Isareli
pullout to 1967 borders, stopage the construction of the aparthied wall ,
Jewish settlements , judiazing jerusalem.

“Israel must withdraw from each meter of our land to borders 1967 and we
control 42% of he West bank, all the west bank is for us and we never accept
the Jewish settlement and each Jewish settlement in the wet bank is illegal,
he Israelis will leave Gaza Strip and the West Bank too,” WAFA News Agency
quoted Abbas as telling a group of over 100 Palestinian mayors who met to
discuss violent fighting in the territories Saturday in Rammallah.

His Excellency emphasized that the Israeli planned withdrawal from Gaza
strip “quiet and clean.”

” We are preparing ourselves to be ready to take control of Gaza Strip in
the aftermath of the israeli evcacuation of the settelemnts and to preserve
the properties because it is property the Palestinian people can use” Abbas
said .

He also insisted he would not allow “looters” to rampage Gaza Strip
settlements after the implementation of the disengagement plan.

Abbas indicated that the Israeli government has implemented little of the
Sharm Al Sheikh understandings describing his talks earlier this week with
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “harsh” but said it would not hamper
further dialogue.

“It was a harsh meeting but it will not prevent us from continuing contact
and dialogue (with the Israelis) because we are asking for our rights
including the Israeli withdrawal to 1967 borders, halt the construction of
the apartheid wall and settlements,” Abbas addressed the gathering of the
newly elected mayor in Al Ritino hotel in Rammallah.

“Maybe the meeting didn’t achieve important things but we will continue
these talks with the Israelis and the world” Abbas said but asserted the
Palestinian National Authority refuses to surrender to imposing facts on the
ground,” Abbas added.

He also pledged that the recently-postponed legislative elections would
happen “very soon”, although he did not give a date.

“We are waiting for the Palestinian Legislative Council to finish with
everything related to the [new electoral] law,” he said.

Last week, Palestinian legislative council voted a mixed election law
clearing the way for holding the legislative elections.

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