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Security chief reveals staggering terror figures

By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff Jerusalem Newswire July 21, 2005

Israel has been attacked by Palestinian Arab terrorists 25,375 times since
October 2000, General Security Service Director Yuval Diskin told his Knesset
overseers Tuesday.

That figure includes 142 ‘suicide’ bomb attacks, Diskin said in a briefing
to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

The results of that terrorist onslaught are 1,048 persons murdered and over
5,600 injured and maimed, as well as incalculable mental trauma.

Diskin said some 18,000 Palestinian Authority residents and another 225 Arab
citizens of Israel have participated in perpetrating these attacks.

The committee also heard a detailed analysis by former Defense Ministry
official Uzi Rubin on the massive Muslim missile threat facing the Jewish state.
Rubin said over 1,000 Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian and Saudi long-range missiles
capable of delivering a combined 500 tons of military-grade warheads were
currently pointed at and capable of reaching all points of Israel.

‘If Israel does not present a credible response, the missile threat will
endanger the security of its citizens, limit its military and political freedom
of action, constitute a serious obstacle to any political agreement and
endanger the stability of any agreement that is reached,’ Rubin told the committee.

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