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Post-Withdrawal Terror Attacks Continue to Increase

Arutz Sheva August 29, 2005

Post-withdrawal terrorist attacks continue to be carried out throughout
Israel with alarming frequency.

IDF forces apprehended and arrested a 14-year-old Arab boy attempting to
smuggle three pipe bombs out of the city of Shechem, in Samaria, on Monday.

The would-be smuggler was caught at the Hawara checkpoint and IDF sappers
were summoned to safely neutralize the bombs.

Arab terrorists also threw a firebomb at an Israeli vehicle traveling on the
main Jerusalem-Gush Etzion road Monday, after four such firebombs were
thrown near the town of El-Khadr Sunday night as well.

There were no injuries in any of the attacks, though Gush Etzion residents
are increasingly worried that Arab terrorism will focus its attention on the
areas designated “settlement blocs” in an effort to apply the lesson of Gaza
withdrawal as a terrorist victory to the latest Israeli-declared front line.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by shrapnel after Arabs opened fire on a
truck he was driving near the recently-demolished Jewish community of Morag
in southern Gaza.

PA Arabs also opened fire Monday afternoon at an IDF position near the
Kissufim route leading from the Kisufim Crossing into Gush Katif. Shots were also
fired toward an IDF position near N’vei Dekalim, which is currently being
bulldozed. There were no injuries in either incident.

IDF troops captured two armed Arab terrorists trying to infiltrate into
Israel from Gaza. The terrorists were captured near the Karni crossing, not far
from the uprooted Jewish community of Netzarim.

A mortar shell was fired at central Gush Katif Sunday night, failing to
inflict any injuries.

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