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Soldier arrests wanted Palestinian in Hebron

Palestinian youngster shot dead by IDF troops Saturday as he places
suspicious object on road near West Bank settlement; sappers dispatched to scene
determine suspicious object a mock-bomb. IDF officials: Terror-related incidents
increasing, especially those involving the throwing of Molotov cocktail
bottles, stones at Israeli vehicles and IDF soldiers

Efrat Weiss

A Palestinian man was shot dead by IDF troops Saturday as he was placing a
suspicious object on a road near the West Bank settlement of Neve Tzuf.
In the past few days a number of Palestinians were killed by IDF forces
operating in the area, and IDF sources told Ynet there is a rise in
terror-related activity in the West Bank.

“The IDF has not changed its policy in the West Bank, but the terror groups
have stepped up their activity,” one official said.

“Terror-related incidents are increasing, especially those involving the
throwing of Molotov cocktail bottles and stones at Israeli vehicles

and IDF soldiers. Moreover, the area has also seen a rise in attempts to
place bombs on the roads to harm citizens and soldiers.”

IDF officials added that previous estimates whereby West Bank terror would
escalate following Israel’s pullout from Gaza have proven to be true, adding
that the IDF is continuously working to thwart attacks and apprehend wanted
terrorists throughout the region.

IDF sources said soldiers spotted two Palestinian youngsters placing a
suspicious object on a road located near Dir Nizam, near the Neve Tzuf settlement
in the West Bank.

The soldiers proceeded to fire at the Palestinians, mortally wounding one of
them, who later died of his wounds. The other Palestinian, who was not hurt
in the incident, was apprehended by the troops and taken in for questioning.

Sappers dispatched to the scene determined that the suspicious object placed
by the Palestinians was merely a bag full of rocks that was placed as a

Border Police troops fired at near Jenin
Palestinians sources said the Palestinian who was killed in the incident,
who was identified as 22-year-old Abdullah Faraj from Dir Nazam, was unarmed
and that no terror group has yet to report that one of its members had been

Earlier IDF troops opened fire at two Palestinians who had hurled a Molotov
cocktail bottle toward vehicles traveling along a road near Tzurif, southwest
of Bethlehem.

No injuries were reported among the soldiers.

Also on Saturday, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at Border Police officers
operating west of Jenin in the West Bank. No injuries or damage were reported.

One Palestinian was lightly injured and evacuated to a nearby hospital for
further treatment. The other Palestinian, who fled the scene, was apparently
also wounded in the incident.

Two more Molotov cocktail bottles were found in the area.
Five wanted terror suspects were arrested in overnight _searches _
(,7340,L-3157970,00.html) conducted by the IDF in a
village north of Nablus in the early hours of Saturday.

In a house where the suspects were hiding 10 Kg (about 22 pounds) of
explosives were found. An extensive search of the house revealed that the wife of
one of the suspects had hidden a hand-grenade under the toddler she was holding
in her arms.

The army confirmed that the suspects’ apprehension almost certainly deterred
a deadly attack against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Eleven wanted Palestinian terrorists were arrested in the West Bank town of
Hebron early Saturday; IDF sources said those apprehended are members of

On Friday two Palestinians were killed in exchanges of fire with Palestinian
gunmen near the West Bank town of Tul Karm.

Three Israelis killed in Gush Etzion attack
One of the gunmen died on the scene. The other suffered from serious wounds
and was reported dead in hospital.

While the IDF insisted that the two terrorists carried Kalashnikov rifles
and opened fire on the soldiers, Palestinian security officials said the men
were unarmed and were killed for throwing stones an IDF jeep that entered the
city. The jeep was damaged.

Last Thursday a Palestinian youth was _killed_
(,7340,L-3157484,00.html) and six Israelis were injured Thursday along
the bypass road south of Jerusalem. The wounded were taken to Hadassah Ein
Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

IDF troops identified 15-year-old Adnan Taiseer along the Hossen bypass road
west of Bethlehem, after he threw a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli vehicle.
The route serves hundreds of Israeli cars on a daily basis.

Forces shot and injured the youth; he was pronounced dead by a military
doctor who arrived at the scene to treat him.

Troops found another three Molotov cocktails near the youth’s body.
Last Sunday two young women and a teenager were _murdered _
(,7340,L-3155631,00.html) in a shooting attack at
hitchhiking post at Gush Etzion Junction, also in the West Bank.

An hour later, a 14 year-old teenager suffered moderate to serious wounds
during a second drive-by attack at the Eli junction.
Ali Waked contributed to the report

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