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IDF Kills Hadera Attack Mastermind

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Arutz Sheva October 31, 2005

Security forces entered the Samaria city of Jenin around dusk to search for the Islamic Jihad terrorists who carried out the attack at the public market in Hadera. Army soldiers called for them to leave their houses and surrender and then shot after the terrorists opened fire.

During the shootout, the army killed Islamic Jihad terrorist Jihad Awidat, who dispatched the suicide bomber. One other terrorist died in the battle and eight were wounded. A third terrorist was killed as he tried to plant a bomb. No Israeli soldiers were injured.

Security forces maintained high alert following the clash and are concerned that terrorists soon will try to stage an attack to mark one year since the death of Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Yasser Arafat on November 11.

Arab terrorists continued firing rockets and mortar shells at the Negev town of Sderot and surrounding areas Sunday night despite a truce which the PA earlier the same day. Four Kassam rockets exploded in Israel but did not cause damage or injuries.

Israeli government and the PA also reported that three wanted Hamas terrorists who had entered Egypt and planned to set up rocket launching cells in Judea and Samaria returned to Gaza through tunnels.

One of the terrorists is Nihro Masood, who has been wanted by Israel for about 14 years. Gaza terrorists celebrated his return with gunfire and told the Xinhua news service that he had been living in Sudan for several years and moved to different Arab countries.

Government counter-terrorism advisor Danny Arditi said his return gave further confirmation to reports that Al-Qaida terrorists infiltrated Gaza during the chaos following the recent IDF withdrawal. “The breaching of the border … apparently allowed al-Qaida and all kinds of international Jihad elements to enter the Gaza Strip,” Arditi said.

The PA denied that Al-Qaida terrorists are operating in Gaza.

Despite an agreement between Egypt and Israel to seal the border between the Gaza and Egyptian sides of the border city of Rafiah, thousands of people, including terrorists, traveled back and forth freely for several days before Egypt took control. Negotiations are continuing with Israel on re-opening the crossing and other points of entry.

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