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Obama Is Already The Elected President…. In France!

By Philippe Karsenty

A week before Americans vote, Obama has already been elected President of the United States…of Europe.

From first hand experience, I can tell you that the French love him and
have already chosen him for their/your president. It’s true! Only last month, his victory was celebrated on the cover of a French magazine with the caption: “Obama Elected.” In a recent French poll, Obama received more than 80% of the vote. But, what is the significance of French enthusiasm for Obama? Do the French respect and admire a strong America that believes in itself as a beacon of freedom and justice in the world? Or would we French prefer to see America remade in our own image?

France is sagging under the weight of socialism while we watch Western civilization crumble. Multiculturalism stands ready to enter in its place, tilling the soil of Eurabia. In the French world order, why should America be exempt? If it can happen here, why not in America?

We do not recognize our failure. To avoid acknowledging our shame, we would like to inflict it on you. The French would love to see America adopt its Eurabian model and become “Amerabia.” Obama’s team, his sometimes questionable advisers, his radical Muslim connections, his radical leftist activities and associations, and yes, his socialist leanings, meet our criteria to perfection. So what is the significance of French enthusiasm for Obama? Obama means CHANGE! He may give America the makeover from Hell.

And if he fails to win the election?

Only one explanation is possible: Americans are racists.

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