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Palestinian Police Smuggle Missiles To GazaZOA To Bush: Stop Us Aid To Palestinian Authority

ZOA March 13, 2005

NEW YORK – Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz yesterday condemned the
Palestinian military intelligence agency of Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian
Authority (PA) for smuggling Stella shoulder fired missiles into Gaza. Mofaz stated
they pose a threat to Israeli aircraft and that this action ‘crosses a red line.’
Mofaz added ‘there’s a big gap between Abbas’ intentions and what we see in
the field. The PA continues to act as before…since Israel gave up Jericho
and Tulkarm two weeks ago, we do not see the PA dealing with the terrorists as
we agreed…another 10-12 more moved into Tulkarm to seek immunity…there is
no change in the PA security groups fighting against terrorism.’

ZOA President Morton A. Klein said, ‘Mahmoud Abbas’ PA is the same as
Arafat’s PA. He doesn’t dismantle, disarm, or arrest terrorists. He coddles
them and protects them. He has hired 350 terrorists to become PA policemen, so
that they can keep their weapons. To add to this shocking state of affairs, he
is now using PA forces to smuggle even more dangerous missiles into Gaza that
threaten Israeli aircraft and Israeli helicopters used for intelligence

‘We at ZOA are urging the Bush Administration and the U.S. Congress to
stop all aid to the PA and end all negotiations with the PA until they stop
these outrageous pro-terrorist actions. Since 1994, the US has given over $1
billion in US aid to the PA. Despite this largess, the PA has violated all of its
Oslo and Road Map obligations and taken virtually no anti-terrorist actions.
President Bush must stop funding Abbas’ terrorist regime. Eleven years of
ignoring hatred and murder against Israel and America is enough.’

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