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The Only Way to Eliminate Terror

Another Jewish family was destroyed this morning when 16-year old Aviad
Mantsur died as a result of the injuries he sustained in a Palestinian terror
attack on Friday afternoon. His friend, 17-year old Avichai Levy, was also slain
in the assault.

All weekend long, Aviad had struggled for his life, as his father prayed for
a miracle ‘ but it was to no avail.

The government has been silent, the army has done nothing, and all that is
left from this horrific event are the tears of two families left to mourn
their loved ones.

For weeks, opponents of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to withdraw from
Gaza had warned that it would lead to an upsurge in Palestinian terror. Time
after time, they cautioned that yielding to the terrorists would only
embolden them, leading them to expand their operations and intensify their efforts
to kill Jews.

And that is precisely what has happened.

If the terrorists are afraid of a possible Israeli military reaction, they
certainly aren’t showing it. Islamic Jihad and Fatah both openly took
responsibility for this outrage, as though they have no reason in the world to fear
any reprisal.

( And that
is because they don’t ‘ for, despite the recent increase in anti-Israel
attacks, the government has done little to change its overall counter-terror
policy. Other than renewing occasional pinpoint strikes against senior Islamic
Jihad leaders, no other significant steps have been taken.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again: the only way to eliminate
terrorism is to eliminate the terrorists. Unless and until Israel begins to
wage war on terror with unrelenting determination, the bloodshed will
unfortunately only continue.

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