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Even Sheep have Limits

A Voice from Hebron

One must be crazy to willfully live in a country which has a government which: purports to be a democracy yet is totally oblivious to the will of the people; claims to be a Jewish State yet
refuses to acknowledge its right to its own historical land; was elected on a platform which promised not to dismantle even one settlement and to put an end to terror and then declared that it will uproot all the settlements in Gaza and several in the Shomron. . . on top of which we have already experienced more terror under this government than any other.

How can I go to the United States and suggest to Jews that they should live in such a country? Clearly it is not an easy proposition. Things appear terrible right now. It really looks like our prime minister is doing all in his power to destroy his own country! Not only is his plan absurd and clearly harmful to Israel, but the prime minister himself has given no sound justification for this fiasco. But he is the prime minister and he has found a way to create a makeshift coalition government which will support this lunacy in the name of \u201cdemocracy\u201d!

The people of Israel have been led around by the nose by every government in its history. They have learned to roll with the punches and accept abuse by their own government under the mistaken assumption that they really have no choice. Yet, as each successive government abuses its authority just a little more than the previous one, the people are beginning to realize that, for their own survival, there must be a limit. There must be a breaking point where the people stand up and say, \u201cNo more!\u201d I believe that we have reached that breaking point. Ariel Sharon thinks that the State of Israel is his personal plaything and that he can destroy Jewish communities and Jewish lives at his whim. He is about to discover that he is wrong. He is about to discover that even a prime minister has limits which cannot be passed.

It would be bad enough if we had a genuine peace agreement with the PLO which required us to abandon part of our homeland. But for a prime minister to arbitrarily decide to uproot whole communities and give the land to our enemies on a mere personal whim which he railroaded through official government channels using such tools as firing his own ministers for disagreeing with him, is crossing all red lines. We are fed up with being stoned, gunned down and blown up by our \u201cpeace partners\u201d. We gave Sharon a green light to destroy our enemies and fully expected him to do so. Instead he has chosen to destroy Jewish communities and to encourage our enemies to continue to murder us!

It is not enough to \u201cstop the disengagement\u201d. We must also stop Sharon from continuing in his job and find someone who is willing to fight for Jews not with Jews. The PLO is not our peace partner. It is our enemy. Our leadership has an obligation not to negotiate with our enemies rather to totally obliterate them as they have been trying to do to us, with far too much success. The battle lines have been drawn. It is a struggle between the will of the people and the will of a shameless prime minister. More than any other country in the world Israel is the home of the people. . . the Jewish people. We genuinely care for one another and would do nothing to go against those in authority. It is our country and we have a right to expect that all of our leaders look out for our interest. But when it becomes crystal clear that our leaders do not have our interest as their priority, then we have an obligation to find leaders who do.

Until now we have enjoyed endless miracles which have rescued us both from our enemies and from our hapless leaders. G-d has had mercy upon us and clearly intervened to save us. Now we must repay our Creator by performing a human miracle. We must go against our own nature and stand up to governmental perfidy at all costs. Too many Jewish lives have already been needlessly sacrificed to the false god of \u201cpeace\u201d. Unless we stop this insanity a new wave of terror will again engulf us, G-d forbid. If the government refuses to perform its most basic obligation, to protect its citizens, then that government has lost its right to govern.

Government is not sacrosanct simply because it is the government. Democracy was not designed to elect dictators democratically. Clearly our government does not recognize basic limitations to its right to rule and has violated the most basic of those limitations. Jews, both in Israel and abroad, have an obligation to do all in our power to bring such a government to an end and replace it with one that understands its obligations to the people of Israel. The PLO has no right to any part of our homeland. Israel has an obligation to obliterate our enemies and protect our citizens. Only a government which recognizes these obligations has a right to rule.

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