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Personal Stories of Intimidation in Gush Katif

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Arutz Sheva July 28, 2005

Government intimidation has left two women in Gush Katif with bitter
thoughts and emotions towards Sharon. They do not compare the expulsion with the
Holocaust, but some feelings are similar.

A longtime Gush Katif resident and farmer, Anita Tucker, a native New
Yorker, said she and her friends live their lives regularly. “I feel I now can
understand when the first signs of the Holocaust started being clear Jews
around the world just continued their lives as usual, even though hints of what
was starting to happen began to become clear.

“We are being beaten, mishandled [and] are being prevented from leaving our
towns to protest, by jeeps and tanks that close us in. The IDF knows that we
are planning small, quiet and passive legitimate protests via their
listening to our cell phones.”

Tucker said that plainclothes policemen drive into Gush Katif communities
and intimidate children, whom she said are “harassed [and] frightened. Twelve
year olds, who do not yet have identity cards are forced sometimes to wait
alone at the Kisufim checkpoint with all the army [and] police while their
older sister drives home to get their mother’s ID.

Nadia Matar, chairman of the nationalist Women in Green group and who has
moved to Gush Katif, charged that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “is turning
Israel into a real fascist police state.

“A Holocaust survivor, a resident of Gush Katif, refused to identify herself
on her way out of the Gush [and] was arrested on the spot My husband David
was arrested this past Friday for a couple of hours when he did not answer the
policeman fast enough at the first checkpoint on his way down to Gush
Katif, after a full week of not having seen us. He played music in the car and was
accused of ‘blocking the road with loud music.’

“In Kfar Maimon, the police beat up Judea, Samaria and Gaza leaders,
breaking the ribs of one of them, and threatened that if anyone dared to cut the
fence, they would shoot to kill Instead of having the security forces patrol
the area to protect Jews and chase Arab terrorists, the forces are stationed
looking for ‘illegal’ Jews who are not residents of Gush Katif….It is
difficult not to make associations with what our enemies did to us in Europe. ”

Matar added, “The more they beat us, the more determined people are to come
out and protest.”

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