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The latest “uproar” comes over Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent claim that The Cave of Machpela in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb outside Beit Lechem (Bethlehem) are part of Jewish Heritage.

Oh…My…Gd!!!! How could he have done such a thing, just as we are on the verge of Peace with the “Palestinian Authority?

Threat of a Religious Holy War against Israel quickly followed and sporadic violent acts have already started throughout Yehuda and Shomron, and predominantly in Hevron. The global reaction is uncanny when simple truths are stated.

Various representative local Arabs, such as Jihad Islami and Hamas, are threatening to bomb our cities and major centers.

“The State Department on Wednesday sharply criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for adding two shrines in the West Bank to Israel’s list of national heritage sites. The move, announced Sunday, sparked Palestinian protests and has drawn criticism from other quarters, including the United Nations.” (Matthew Lee, Associated Press)

Next thing you know, all will join in criticizing the Jews in Israel for saying that these sites are part of our history in the land of Israel, and in Yehuda and Shomron. Shame on us for having a legitimate connection to our homeland!

The timing is fascinating: we are about to celebrate a glorious victory over our enemies of the past – Purim. From time immemorial, the more intelligent invading powers knew that the most effective weapon against Israel is to attack our identity and heritage, to separate us from who we are. They have learned the value of disconnecting our people from our land, even using our own against us.

This time Abbas, the UN, and others, are waking up more and more Israelis and Jews who see the deceit and hatred and are returning from the “dark side” to that of Jewish pride in our heritage. Keep it up, Abu Mazen! You are only helping our ranks wake up and come home.

Israel’s Prime Minister’s statement is only a beginning to what must be done. We must push forward along this line of thought and action. This land is a part of us, whether you like it or not. What is a Jew? Part of Israel – all of Israel and his past, present and future lies in Israel. Especially in the heartland, Yehuda and Shomron, the center of the country.

Long ago, around Purim time, in Persia of old, we learned of our enemies’ intentions to hurt us and to cause others to join them in attacking us, to destroy us, we also learned that by acting together we could defeat our enemies and make changes. Let us take the lessons of the past and apply them to the present and to the future.

We will continue to declare our heritage and connection to all of Israel.

I look forward to seeing you on my upcoming US visits, and for those of you in New York, at the One Israel Fund Dinner.

Happy Purim to all!

Marc Prowisor

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