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The 2010 Elections

By: Editorial Board

Date: Wednesday, October 20 2010

New York State Assembly

Assembly District 16: Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel
Assemblywoman Schimel has made protecting her community from violence a top priority. She sponsored legislation that allows police to better track guns used in violent crime and has fought for tougher penalties for drunk drivers. She recently traveled to Israel where she met with the prime minister and she is helping forge a relationship between the Nassau County Health Administration and the Jerusalem Inter-Cultural Center.

Assembly District 20: Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg
Assemblyman Weisenberg is a strong champion of the Jewish community in his district, helping many worthy organizations do their important work. Mr. Weisenberg sponsored legislation that would give local synagogues more opportunities to file for tax exemptions, helping them avoid devastating financial burdens. He has given strong support to programs for children with special needs and helped the Friedberg Jewish Community Center open the nation’s only day camp for children with cancer.

Assembly District 23: Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer
Assemblywoman Pheffer has been a strong supporter of many important Jewish social service organizations, particularly programs that aid victims of domestic violence. Ms. Pheffer is also a longtime consumer advocate, introducing legislation to expand the rights of auto insurance customers and helping push for laws to keep annual health insurance premiums down and mandate that insurers cover autism spectrum disorders.

Assembly District 24: Assemblyman David Weprin
Assemblyman Weprin has been an ardent supporter of the public service work of Jewish organizations. He is a member of the Brandeis Association, vice president of the Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council and serves or has served as a board member of the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and the American Jewish Congress. A former chairman of the New York City Council Finance Committee, Mr. Weprin also served on the New York City Tax Reform Task Force, securing tax cuts worth more than $1 billion, including a reduction in the income tax rate by 24 percent and elimination of the city’s Sub S and Unincorporated Business Taxes.

Assembly District 25: Assemblyman Rory Lancman
Assemblyman Lancman has been a consistently strong advocate for the Jewish community. As a former board member of the Queens Jewish Community Council, he understands the importance of local social service organizations that help the needy. He has been a strong supporter of small businesses in his district and has led the way on crucial measures to protect children, co-sponsoring a law increasing penalties for driving drunk with children in the car. He led the fight to save and rebuild the Queens Hospital Center.

Assembly District 26: Ed Braunstein
Ed Braunstein is a community leader and a staunch health care advocate. As a member of the Parks and Education committees of Community Board 11 in Queens, Mr. Braunstein has helped improve schools and quality of life. He pledges to fight for seniors by making sure health care for older New Yorkers is a top priority.

Assembly District 37: Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan
As chair of the Education Committee, Assemblywoman Nolan has been one of the state’s leading advocates for children, spearheading efforts to reduce class sizes, provide universal pre-Kindergarten and improve high school graduation rates. She has consistently supported public transit, helping deliver much-needed improvements to subways and buses throughout the region. A strong advocate for seniors, Nolan helped expand the number of residents eligible for prescription drug coverage and fought successfully to save senior centers from closing.

Assembly District 41: Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein
Assemblywoman Weinstein is a leading advocate for New York’s youth, helping make the state’s family law more responsive to children and mandating seat belts on school buses. In her Brooklyn district, Ms. Weinstein has delivered crucial support for recreation programs and senior services. She has also been a staunch supporter of Hatzolah, helping the volunteer ambulance service significantly upgrade its communications equipment so it can further improve on its impressive response times.

Assembly District 42: Assemblyman Joe Lentol
Assemblyman Lentol has been a strong supporter of many social services in the Jewish community, including a kosher soup kitchen. He has also been supportive of various job training programs and efforts to strengthen the family unit.

Assembly District 45: Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz
Assemblyman Cymbrowitz is an important ally of the Jewish community in Albany. In his Brooklyn district, he is a strong supporter of Jewish social service organizations that help residents with financial and legal services and distribute food to the hungry. Mr. Cymbrowitz, the son of survivors, has been a leader in educating children about the Holocaust and has been a great friend to survivors and their families. He has sponsored a contest for securing first-hand accounts of the horrors of the Holocaust in conjunction with the Holocaust Memorial Committee and Lena Cymbrowitz Foundation for the last nine years involving public, parochial schools and yeshivas. He has also worked to provide health care for seniors and fought to make our streets safer.

Assembly District 46: Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny
The first Russian immigrant to serve in the State Assembly, Mr. Brook-Krasny has provided invaluable services to the Jewish community in his Brooklyn district, helping to found the Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations, which has been a lifeline for many immigrant families as they integrate into American life. He has also supported programs that have lowered the cost of prescription drugs and helped toughen the penalties for criminals who victimize the elderly.

Assembly District 48: Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Assemblyman Hikind is one of the Jewish community’s strongest leaders, a staunch supporter of Israel and a fierce advocate for his Brooklyn constituents. He is a voice of conscience on matters of discrimination, standing up courageously against anti-Semitism at home and abroad. Mr. Hikind also successfully pushed for the state to include rabbinical colleges in its Tuition Assistance Program. When the financial crisis hit, he helped expand health insurance coverage for children and the unemployed.

Assembly District 49: Assemblyman Peter Abbate
Assemblyman Abbate has delivered crucial services to the Jewish community in his Brooklyn district, including funding for senior centers and improvements to facilities that provide social services. Mr. Abbate is also pushing for the state to make rabbinical students eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program. He has received an Outstanding Legislator award from the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and joined a delegation of the Jewish Community Relations Council on a trip to Israel, where he visited the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center.

Assembly District 60: Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer
A staunch education advocate, Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer helped pass legislation that would reimburse parochial schools for the cost of the MTA payroll tax. She successfully fought cuts to bus service in her Staten Island district and has drafted legislation that would prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against homeowners who live near the shore. She has also worked to reduce health care costs for seniors and expand coverage for children.

Assembly District 64: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
The Jewish community has no greater friend in Albany than Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a lifelong resident of the Lower East Side who has been consistently delivering for his district for years. Whether it is the great support he gives to the many charitable organizations that help the needy or his tireless advocacy for our seniors and our children, Mr. Silver exemplifies government at its best. He has championed religious freedom, provided crucial support to Jewish social services organizations and is a strong supporter of Israel. We wholeheartedly endorse Speaker Silver and hope he continues to serve his district and our state for many years to come.

Assembly District 92: Tom Abinanti
Mr. Abinanti has a proven record of advocating for his constituents in the Westchester County legislature, fighting to keep property taxes in check and successfully protecting open space. He has a workable plan to encourage investment in the high-tech and green energy sectors, growth industries that will create jobs for local residents.

Assembly District 88: Assemblywoman Amy Paulin
Assemblywoman Paulin is a fighter for the environment, better health care for New Yorkers and for keeping property taxes in check. She has been a stalwart supporter of the Jewish Climate Change Campaign, which seeks to increase energy efficiency. She is also one of New York’s leading advocates for victims of domestic violence.

Assembly District 89: Tom Roach
As president of the White Plains Common Council, Mr. Roach made improving the quality of life for his neighbors a top priority, fighting pollution, enacting measures to reduce flooding on local roads and helping to clean up the Bronx River watershed. He has also fought to keep property taxes down and will push for policies that encourage businesses to create jobs in his district.

Assembly District 93: Assemblyman Mike Spano
Assemblyman Spano has been a great ally of the Jewish community in his Yonkers district, supporting the important work done by social service and educational organizations that provide recreation for children and programs for seniors. He has also helped spur economic development in Yonkers through his advocacy of loan programs designed to help small businesses and create jobs.

Assembly District 94: Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski

Assemblyman Zebrowski has made protecting children and seniors a priority: He sponsored one of the nation’s toughest DWI laws, making it a felony to drink and drive with a child under 15 in the car. He also co-sponsored the law that mandates insurance companies cover autism spectrum disorders.

New York State Senate

Senate District 22: Senator Martin Golden
Senator Golden has long supported Jewish causes in the legislature and also been an important ally in the court of public opinion.

Senate District 21: Senator Kevin Parker
Senator Parker has forged important ties to the Jewish community in his district and has been responsive to their calls for assistance.

Senate District 25: Senator Dan Squadron
In a relatively brief period of time, Mr. Squadron has led the way on a number of Jewish issues and has emerged as a reliable resource for our community.

Senate District 27: Carl Kruger

Senator Kruger continues as an important resource for the Jewish community and remains a go-to official for many.

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