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Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Friends,

Pastor Jim Vineyard, a good and loyal friend of the Holy Land and the Jewish People, wrote the following letter, dated April 20, 2006, to US President George W. Bush, after a personal visit to the “Deportees” from Elei Sinai, a former flourishing community in Gush Katif.

We need to express our gratitude to Dr. Vineyard, who went to see with his own eyes, the injustice done to the “Deportees” from Gush Katif. He has already returned to the States. His fax number is: (405) 946 5910. His email address is:

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April 20, 2006

Dear Mr. Bush:

I am writing to you, while still in Israel, about the Demographic Genie which we see as an existential threat to the survival of the Hebrew state of Israel. This threat frequently accords mythical dimensions in efforts to frighten the Hebrew public and policy makers into vast and foolish concessions to the so-called Palestinians, taking them back even to the 1949 line, as per the dictates of the ROAD MAP.

Today, we visited the portion of the Gaza Strip community Elei Sinai in Yad Mordecai. I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful community of Elei Sinai in November of 2004, with sixteen other preachers. You could have put that beautiful community anywhere in sunny southern California, and it would have looked as handsome as anything out there presently.

Today, we visited these Elei Sinai “Deportees” near Yad Mordecai, and I would like to tell you about what our eyes saw.

Picture in your mind, if you will, a very nice service station-restaurant facility across the highway from Yad Mordecai. In a field right behind the service station-restaurant sits the tent city of those Elei Sinai “Deportees.” When you walk from the service station, you see their trash dumpsters on your left. Across a tiny ditch, where dish water flows, sits the tent city. On your left, you see their generator and refrigerator-freezer, both about the size of 20-foot shipping containers. Just to the left of those sits their communal kitchen.

Outside, behind the communal kitchen, running from your right to your left as you face the back of the communal kitchen, is a device in which they wash their pots, pans, and dishes. To the left of that, sits the table where approximately twenty-five large pans were drying after having been washed.

Not thirty feet away, Mr. President, is the trash containers – dipsy dumpsters – from the service station-restaurant – ALL COVERED WITH FLIES. What a disgrace and tragedy the Road Map is to the dear Deportees of Elei Sinai!

Going past the kitchen-refrigerator-generator and turning left, one sees the great big tent which they use as a dining room-family room and for all community activities. The temperature today was probably less than 75 degrees in that area, but the temperature inside had to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 degrees – very hot. The floor is very rough ground covered by some type of carpet. It is a shameful situation.

Going through that tent to the back of the tent city site, one sees the tents the Deportees now live in. There are big white tents, which they have to rent, and also large green tents. Inside the tents, they have partitioned off rooms in which the families live. The partitions are blue and green tarps, like what we Americans could buy at Wal-Mart.

Mr. President, these Elei Sinai Deportees, families of four to six, live in a tarp-partitioned area of approximately nine feet by ten feet, or ninety square feet, something like nine or ten square meters. They were deported from homes in Elei Sinai, measuring 2,000 to 2,500 square feet, or 200 to 250 square meters. The contemptible Road Map has done this to these former Elei Sinai Hebrews – both of the observant and of the secular.

When you come out of the back tent towards the front on that road, you see about three of those big white tents. To the right of them sit two, not so big, dark green tents.

Out past those white and green tents, by its lonely self, sits a blue rental porta-potty which we poor people in the Panhandle of your Texas called outhouses; although, ours were not rented and set over a hole we had to dig and cover after use.

Mr. President, if the American electorates – those some 40 million evangelicals – who put you in office in 2000 and again in 2004 could only see just the living conditions of this portion of the Elei Sinai Deportees, there would not be a Republican Representative, Senator, or Governor elected this fall. And, Hillary with her constant shiftiness, defying all imaginable conventions, will be elected in 2008.

What a travesty! What a farce! What a hoax! What a mockery and perversion the Road Map is!

The nine dead Jews and some sixty-five wounded from the Islamic homicide bomber on Monday in Tel Aviv testify to the fact that this supposed peace plan “AIN’T GONNA WORK!”

Mr. President, as I stood there outside Yad Mordecai and looked at those pitiful surroundings for the Elei Sinai Deportees, I hung my Texas-Christian head in shame.

May the Lord God of the Hebrews, Whom you profess to know and Whose Bible you state you read, speak to you about these deplorable conditions!

A Yedid and Chaver to the Hebrew people of Israel,

Jim Vineyard


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