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The Middle East Matrix

by Mark B. Kaplan


What if everything you think you know to be true is a lie, and everything you see is just an illusion? Sounds like a promo for The Matrix, but this is the reality of life in the Middle East. The rules that apply to other countries strangely change when applied to Israel. Israel becomes subject to “international law” based upon a legal foundation of facts that don’t exist; Israel has leaders, but the leaders would rather suffer the existence of abusive friendships than fight back and protect their children.

The United States is leading the crusade against Israel. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are not only demanding Israel freeze all “settlement construction”, including natural growth, but that Jewish rights be curbed in Jerusalem. Obama is also calling Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria an “occupation.”

Yes, Israel does have rights under international law, and the Arab propaganda accusation of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine is another falsehood that needs to end. Israel’s government has never stood up for Jewish land rights. Can it be that they don’t even know what those rights are?

stand, including the prohibition to cede Jewish land, as well as the right of settlement.

Obama’s demand that Israel halt settlement construction violates the 1924 treaty. President Obama has no right, under US law, to call Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria an “occupation.” Additionally, the establishment of an Arab state within the legal boundaries of Israel is a violation of Jewish rights under both international and US law. Therefore, the “Roadmap to Peace” (which expired in 2005) also violates the United States Constitution.

The Justice Now! organization has begun work to take legal action to compel the Obama administration to stop violating the 1924 treaty. Justice Now! Director Dr. Michael Snidecor compares Obama’s demands to a situation in which the British would say they are no longer honoring the 1783 Paris Treaty that granted the thirteen colonies independence, and instead are giving the land to a Native American nation. Justice Now! is also enlisting congressional support to demand Obama obey his own country’s laws, as well as international law regarding Israel’s rightful borders.

Bringing the Jewish People’s rights before the legal system, where propaganda will lose to factual evidence, will end the illusion of illegal occupation and firmly establish the Jewish Nation’s legal rights to all of Israel. Once the propaganda is proven to be a lie, then perhaps, just like in The Matrix, the Jewish People will also be able to stop the bullets of anti-Zionism in mid-air. Then, legal and just solutions can be found to end nearly a century of war and bloodshed.
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