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“War Within 18 Months…”

His Majesty King Abdullah II King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Eli E. Hertz

During the king’s recent visit to the U.S. he touched on the following:

• Israel will face war within 18 months if it does not come to terms with the Arab demands

• The establishment of a new Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem

• Threats from Iran and Al Qaeda will fade away once Jerusalem is divided

Hypocrisy Aside – Rebuttal

The Arabs never established nor recognized a Palestinian state during the two decades (1948-1967) prior to the Six-Day War when the West Bank was under Jordanian control, nor did the Palestinians clamor for autonomy or independence during those years under Jordanian rule. Jerusalem for that matter, has never served as an Arab capital for the simple reason that there has never been a Palestinian Arab state.

In 1968, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) turned Jordan into a staging area for sending terrorists into the West Bank and Israel. In the course of three years, 141 Israelis were killed along Israel’s border with Jordan. Only in September 1970 was the PLO ousted to Lebanon by Jordan’s King Hussein after the PLO went one step too far: Skyjacking three civilian airliners to Jordan, then blowing up the empty planes on the tarmac. During the battle between Jordan’s Arab Legion and Palestinian Arab forces (known later as ‘Black September’) the Jordanians massacred more than 3,000 of their Palestinian ‘brethren’ in just 10 days.

Culturally, Palestinians cannot distinguish their endeavors from other Arabs. The only innovations Palestinians can take credit for are using skyjackings – which they initiated in 1968 as a political instrument, and suicide bombers – refined since the advent of the Oslo Accords in 1993 as a political weapon that is turning Arab’s own youth into suicide bombers that target other civilians.

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