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Yes, I am for reconstructing Gaza – Jewish Gaza!

A companion commentary on the previous Gaza article by a forcibly removed Israeli Gaza Resident,

By Anita Tucker
February 22, 2009

The present situation, as it has developed, absolutely justifies reconstructing the Gush Katif towns in southern and northern Gaza. I still live in a temporary caravilla site with no new town yet in sight. In recent army aerial photos and from reports from Arab friends in Gaza, the location of my former town of Netzer Hazani is covered again with sand and will soon again be the bare bald sand dunes they were when we first arrived there in 1975.

1. All our Arab acquaintances express yearning for our return and disgust at their present unpleasant situation under neither Hamas, nor do they miss the PA corrupt rule.

2. Peace is about two people learning to live side by side each other. If either people have to be forced to leave or to flee, peace has been distanced not brought closer!! So we must return and our neighbors must learn to live side by side other under Israeli rule (a thing obviously impossible under Hamas or PA rule that would murder any Israeli found)

3. In the 1947 UN partition plan agreement, the sand dunes that became Gush Katif were part of Israel and only came under Egypt because they conquered it when the Arab Legion attacked Israel attempting to annihilate it after 2000 years of Jewish forced exile. The land there was traditionally part of the Jewish heritage land. We then built 23 towns over 30 years out of nothing but the sand of the desert. These towns were unethically, immorally and cruelly destroyed by Israel’s own government, under Ariel Sharon. These hard working, productive families were uprooted from their homes, farms, history and centuries-old tradition. Justice deserves to be now done. These towns must be reconstructed.

We have now set up groups of families and young people who are willing to begin pioneering anew in these renewed sand dunes and begin the reconstruction of these Gush Katif towns in Gaza. I believe that those of our Arab neighbors there who are willing to live nearby us peacefully should have their homes repaired and reconstructed as well after they have proven, via time and attitude, their true desire towards this goal that they so willingly express to us today.

I think research institutes should be exploring this possibility as the one and only true way to bring peace to the area, at least as a small scale beginning. This concept would be an alternative to the prior Oslo “Pieces” Plan and the more recent Sharon Plan – both painfully proven existential disasters.

Anita Tucker

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