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An urgent call for help – Jews of the world wake up !!! Open attacks in Yemenite Village (Shiloach-Silwan) reminiscent of 1930’s pogroms !!!

In the 1920’s and 1930’s the Arabs of Jerusalem were incited by the hate-filled Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin El Husseini) to riot and pillage in a series of murderous pogroms. The useless and helpless British were unwilling and unable to secure or protect the Jewish families, who called out for help. The last 30-35 Yemenite Jewish families were eventually evacuated by the British in August of 1938.
It is the year 2010 and even though we have our own sovereign Jewish State with a near invincible and well trained army-Tzahal, our families who have returned to the Yemenite Village of Shiloach-Silwan are sadly still under attack on a daily basis from marauding Arabs.
The Shiloach is literally like a war zone, under the nose of the Israeli police, the border patrol and the Jerusalem Municipality. Where is everyone? Where is the security? Why aren’t we being protected in our own country by our own Israeli Police? Why isn’t the Jewish world at our side and screaming to the world? These are the questions being asked by the families, the mothers and children of the old Yemenite Village – in both Beit Yehonatan and the lone family in Beit HaDvash.
It didn’t take today’s episode off the Gaza shoreline to bring an Arab response in the Shiloach-Silwan. Unfortunately, the last few months have been traumatic and near-March
unbearable for our brave pioneering Yeshiva students and families, in the area.. 
The summary sheet for security incidents reads as follows for the last 3 months:
March -107 attacks with concrete blocks on the security jeep, 26 attacks personal on families, 37 concrete blocks thrown onto compound and at apartments, 16 molotov cocktails and 1 shooting attack (7 bullets into vehicle).
April – 101atttacks on vehicle, 7 personal attacks, 21 molotov cocktails, 4 concrete blocks into compound, 0 shootings.
May – 56 attacks on vehicle, 12 personal attacks, 45 molotov cocktails, 14 concrete blocks into compound, 0 shootings.
Only this past Sunday, the Arab mobs attacked Beit HaDvash, where we have one family living alone (Tanami family) and the Arabs started to burn down the house, totally destroying the security booth at entrance and vandalizing/stealing the security cameras. The police/border patrol only arrived after 1.5 hrs and we totally ineffective. They too were stoned as they entered the area.
Shira Tanami has written a letter attached/following.(Dear Henry) see recent pictures following attack on Beit HaDvash.
There is a lot to be done in the old Yemenite village –from adding more families(security in numbers), investing in properties, helping the security personnel, additional security and trying to make the lives of our students and families more tolerable.
Most important – when you are living your lives in Europe, Australia, America and other places in Israel, …..even if you are having a simcha, studying, working and enjoying life – try and think of our families/students/ residents of Jerusalem on the front line and under fire. Think of them and feel their pain. We are ultimately one body and we are in the same boat travelling along the path of redemption.
Feel their pain. And G-d willing you will also feel their joy.
Please stand by their sides and support our endeavours.
This call is for all Jews who understand the situation and can appreciate our efforts. Even if you have just given for the annual dinner contribution…please dig deep again if possible.
For those who haven’t given – now is the time !!!
Toda Raba.  Daniel Luria

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