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By: Helen Freedman

It was my privilege, as a representative of Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI, to join members of the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem at a hearing before Congressional Members and staff in Washington on Tuesday, April 15. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chair of the International Relations Subcommittee on the Mideast, introduced Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch. Barbara Crook, Associate Director of PMW, was also in attendance.

Marcus presented a paper entitled, “STRENGTHENING AMERICA’S ENEMIES, The ideological allies of a future Palestinian state.” Its purpose is to present Americans with incontrovertible evidence that Abbas’ PA has declared Jihad on America; that it has embarked on a brazen path of hatred, demonization, distortion of truth, revision of history, and the encouragement of unbridled terror.

Marcus’ evidence includes material taken directly from PA television, music, school books, and newspapers. It proves that if a PA state is created with the supposed “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party, it will be another Arab terrorist state, aligning itself with America’s enemies: North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, and Hezbollah.

Mahmoud Ismail, member of the PLO Executive Committee, was seen on PA TV, Feb. 26, 2008, stating, “We take pride in…our right to struggle and to resistance [euphemism for terror] in all possible ways in all the occupied lands, in Palestine, Lebanon, the Golan, and Iraq …”

On April 20, 2007 , Dr. Ahmad Bahar ranted, “Be certain that America is on its way to disappear. America is wallowing [in blood] today in Iraq and Afghanistan . America is defeated…Make us victorious over the infidel people…Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies…Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.”

The Friday sermons in the mosques are used to encourage the destruction of America: “The day will come and we shall rule America, the day will come and we shall rule Britain . We shall rule the entire world.” (Ibrahim Mudayris, Friday sermon, PA TV, May 13, 2005 ). There are prayers to Allah calling for the deaths of Americans. “Last year, Abu Ali Shahin, Fatah leader and former government minister said of Al-Qaeda: ‘We wish you success with Bush…we are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you!” (PA TV, Jan. 1, 2007 ).

PA schoolbooks teach hatred for Israel and the U.S. Israel is depicted as having stolen or “occupied” all of “Palestine.” PA schoolbooks teach that America is guilty of human rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that it is necessary to fight, and even die, in order to “resist” the “occupiers.”

With purpose to deceive, all of Mahmoud Abbas’ communications in support of terrorism against America and Israel are in Arabic – he recently took pride that he “fired the first bullet of the Fatah terror organization in 1965 and taught terror tactics around the world, including to such groups as Hezbollah, and that he rejected Israel as a Jewish state.”

Is it possible that America’s leaders are unaware of this PA pattern of behavior, the politics of deception? Yet, inexplicably, Mahmoud Abbas will be welcomed at the White House on April 24. Why is this arch-terrorist a guest in America? What is his purpose in coming to this country? Will he ask for and get more U.S. tax-payer dollars to support his program, leading to the dismemberment of Israel? “According to the World Bank, the US is the single largest supporter of Palestinians in the world…US aid has built schools, hospitals, universities, water systems, road development and more.” Many of these facilities have been named after PA “shahids” or “martyrs”, thereby immortalizing the terrorists, and encouraging children to become homicide killers.

Bush and Rice continue to insist on the “Two-State Solution” requiring “land for peace,” and the division of Jerusalem . There is no insistence that the PA meet its obligations to stop terror. America continues to arm the PA with weapons and tax-payer money. While Bush declares he is fighting the war on terror, he is helping to create another Arab terrorist state that will align itself with America’s enemies. Can America’s citizenry call a halt to such a destructive path? Let’s hope so.

For a copy of the Itamar Marcus report and more, go to the website:

(The quotes in this summary are taken from the paper Marcus presented which was complete with cartoons, videos, and direct quotes from PA media.)

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