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Boycott UN Conference: Zionism is Not Racism

National Unity Coalition for Israel

On August 31st, the United Nations will hold a conference against racism in Durban, South Africa. The latest draft of a declaration up for adoption by the conference includes references to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians as a “crime against humanity” and revives the classification of Zionism as a “movement which is based on racial superiority.” Colin Powell is currently considering whether to attend the conference. Write Secretary of State Colin Powell and President Bush to tell them to boycott the conference. Even though the US will vote against the resolution, participation by the US would provide some legitamacy to these outrageous claims. For more information see the two articles in the accompanying Israel News. Please include your address when writing Secretary Powell or President Bush.

Government officials generally pay closer attention to letters than to faxes and to faxes than emails. However, the most important thing is to give your zip code because it indicates to the representative that you are a voter in his or her district.

President George W. Bush

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500




Secretary of State

US Department of State

Washington, DC 20520

Fax: 202-261-8577


Dear President Bush and Secretary Powell:

As a US citizen I urge you to boycott the upcoming UN conference against racism in Durban, South Africa. Zionism is not racism. The proposed resolution is wrong and the conference should not be legitimized by the presence of the United States.

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