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Protest Orlando Sentinel’s Decision to Drop Pro-Israel Columnist Cal Thomas

Zionist Organization of America November 27, 2001

The Orlando (Florida) Sentinel has announced that is will no longer print articles by syndicated columnist Cal Thomas.

The decision may or may not be related to the fact that Arab-American extremists have been pressuring newspapers to stop printing Thomas’ columns. Recently, Arab pressure groups succeeded in convincing National Public Radio to adopt a policy of never interviewing Steve Emerson, one of the world’s foremost experts on Islamic terrorism.

Cal Thomas is a courageous journalist whose articles on the Middle East are badly needed to offset the falsehoods, distortions and ommissions that plague so much media coverage concerning Israel.

What You Can Do:

Urge the Sentinel to continue to publish Cal Thomas:

Jan Healy, Editorial Page Editor
Orlando Sentinel
633 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
fax (407)420-5286
email to

Some points you may want to make:

  • The Sentinel’s decision was reportedly based in part on the claim that Thomas’ columns are “too predictable.” Nothing could be further from the truth; Thomas is one of the most interesting and innovative columnists in America.
  • Arab extremists have been trying to muzzle dissenting points of view. No newspaper should surrender to such intimidation.
  • Critics of Israel are published frequently in leading newspapers. It’s only fair to give friends of Israel a chance to have their views heard as well.
  • Cal Thomas’ articles are consistently interesting and informative. They stimulate the readers’ interest and help enliven the newspapers int which they appear.

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