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Action Alert

Tell your Congressmember to support New Bill to hold Palestinians
accountable for killing Americans.
Bill aligns with Koby Mandell Act in its action against Palestinian terrorist
killings of U.S. citizens

The ZOA thanks you for your overwhelming support to the last Action Alert
sent out which with your help successfully targeted 198 congressional districts.

We now ask your help in teaming up with us to push yet another sensible piece
of legislation that has been introduced on Capitol Hill, this one by Arizona
Rep. Jeff Flake (H.R. 3460).

You may remember the horrific killings of three U.S. government personnel in
Gaza on October 15, 2003 by Palestinian terrorists. This congressional bill
calls for the United States to prohibit assistance provided to the Palestinian
Authority and the Palestinian people until the perpetrators of the killings of
the three U.S. citizens are surrendered to the U.S. Government.

Additionally, passage of this legislation will aid our efforts to pass the
Koby Mandell Act (H.R. 401), which seeks to transfer the power of investigating
and prosecuting foreign terrorists from the State Department to the Department
of Justice. This will ensure that all terrorists involved in attacks against
American citizens abroad are pursued with equal vigor. In Israel, there have
been 51 American deaths at the hands of Palestinian terrorists since 1993.

We feel that these bills are in alignment with one another. Because of this,
we urge you to take one minute to fill out the ZOA’s user-friendly letter
which will automatically target your thoughts on the matters important to you, to
your elected representative. It is your activism that allows the U.S.-Israel
relationship to flourish, as elected officials are made aware that voters
concerned with pro-Israel legislation reside in their district.

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Hold Palestinians accountable for murdering U.S. Diplomats

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As one of your constituents, I am concerned that Palestinian terrorist
attacks against Americans are for various reasons going unpunished. On October 15 of
this year, the nation watched in horror to learn of the murder of three
American government personnel by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Sadly,
the perpetrators of this attack have still not been held accountable for their
actions. The FBI has reported that the Palestinian security sources have been
less than cooperative with their investigation into the killings.

A bill introduced by Rep. Jeff Flake (H.R.3460) insists that American
financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people be
halted until the Palestinian perpetrators of the October 15th killings are
surrendered to the United States government. Terrorism and the enabling of terrorist
attacks have been hallmarks of the Palestinian Authority for years, whether
against innocent Israelis or Americans. It is time for them to be held
accountable for their action.

Sadly, the three government personnel killed in October are not the first
American victims of Palestinian terrorism. Since 1993, 51 Americans have been
murdered by Palestinian terrorism. Unfortunately, the State Department who
currently has jurisdiction over these matters has not brought any of the Palestinian
murderers of our citizens to justice. The Koby Mandell Act (H.R. 401), which
has 62 cosponsors in the House, allows the role of investigating and
prosecuting foreign terrorists to be transferred to the Department of Justice. I urge
your support or continued support of this important and necessary legislation.
At this point in history, it is important for America to show that when its
citizens are murdered abroad, there will be consequences. This is why I
strongly urge you to support Rep. Flake’s bill (H.R. 3460) and the Koby Mandell Act
(H.R. 401).

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