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Qadhafi: The CIA and the Israeli Mossad injected AIDS to Libyan children

MEMRI Special Dispatch - Egypt May 1, 2001 No. 214

The Egyptian government daily, Al-Ahram, echoes Qadhafi’s
accusations against the US and Israel:

“Our brother, the Colonel Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi, the leader
of the Libyan revolution, revealed that two years ago
Libyan children in the city of Benghazi suffered from the
most abominable crime in the history of mankind, when
foreign nurses injected them with the AIDS virus, while
pretending to immunize them.”

“In a speech given during the closing session of The
Special African Summit for the Fight Against the AIDS
Epidemic… Qadhafi said that Libya will hand over all
information regarding this vile crime to the World Health
Organization (WHO) and to other relevant international
organizations so the world will know of the plot, which
bear no mercy for children and from which the Libyan people

“Qadhafi added that there are those who think that the CIA
or the Israeli Mossad were behind this crime. He emphasized
that these children were transported to Europe for
treatment and that European health authorities are well
aware of the matter. Other [infected] children are treated
by Libyan clinics.”

“Kadhafi added that this act, which is a malicious sex
crime, reveals the ugly face of those who introduced the
AIDS virus to Africa in order to exhaust its strength and
deplete its resources with the intention of gaining control
over Africa. He remarked that Africa has turned into a
market of high demand for pharmaceutical and other
AIDS-treatment medical products. He claimed that
international monopolies strive to continue disseminating
the AIDS virus as long as possible in order to double their
profits from sales of pharmaceutical products, which
inhibit the effects of the disease.”

“Qadhafi clarified that world health authorities stated
more then once that they were able to isolate the AIDS
virus, meaning that they made considerable progress
regarding methods to control the virus. He explained that
medical laboratories can achieve a perfect treatment for
this disease and even find immunization for it, but big
capitalist corporations prevent this from taking place in
order to maintain their large profits.”

“Qadhafi added that the smallpox virus, which the World
Health Organization declared eradicated from the world, is
still kept in CIA laboratories. He asked why the U.S. is
not handing it over to the World Health Organization and
explained that the reason was the U.S. intention to use it
for biological warfare. Qadhafi stated that Libya will
raise this humanitarian issue in international fora and
[argued] that nations and governments must take a firm
stand on such matters which have implications on the fate
of nations.” (1)


(1) Al-Ahram (Egypt), April 29, 2001.

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