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Force 17 Background Material

Intelligence Report

Force 17 is the security apparatus entrusted in the
protection of Yasir Arafat and preserves the stability and
order within the Palestinian Authority. The organization is
comprised of 3,500 operatives and is headed by Faisel
Abu-Sharch, permanently positioned in Gaza. The
organization is equipped with light weapons and BRDM-2
armored vechicles and conduct patrolling activites on the
streets of Palestinian cities and along the line with Israel.

During the recent confrontations, a terror apparatus
operated in the area of Ramallah which consisted of activists
of Force 17. These activists in conjunction with terrorists
from opposition organisations to the Palestinian Authority,
conducted more than 25 shooting attacks in the
area of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus and Jenin, resulting
in the death of eight Israelis and the wounding of more
than 22.

This apparatus’s activity was directed by Mahmud Damarah
“Abu-Us”, commander of Force 17, in Ramallah. He supplied
the members of the organization with aramaments and set the
polices for terrorist attacks. Recently members of this
terrorist cell were involved in a string of
roadside bombs in the area of Ramallah and Jerusalem.

The cell was responsible for numberous terrorist attacks. The most
prominent amoung these are:

  • A shooting attack in Jerusalem, in which a security guard was killed and another wounded (October 30)
  • A shooting attack near Neveh Tsur in which an Israeli woman and two soldiers were killed (November 13).
  • A shooting attack in which the Kahane couple were killed and five of their six children wounded (December 31).

In addition, a terrorist cell comprised of Force 17 members, and coordinated by Hizbollah-related elements in Lebanon, was responsible for the mortar bomb attacks on Netzarin during the month of February.

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