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PA Brig.Gen.Wadyeh: ceasefire doesn’t mean Intifada will stop, permitted to use whatever means necessary

Jerusalem Times July 24, 2003

PA Brig.Gen.Wadyeh: ceasefire doesn’t mean Intifada will stop, permitted to
use whatever means necessarySecurity personnel visit border locations

Brigadier General Saleem Al-Wadyeh, Deputy Senator For
Political Affairs, recently met with his superior, Brigadier General Khaled
Sultan, commander of the Border Police, when he headed a delegation of
political affairs personnel on a visit to the Border Police headquarters at
Al-Mintar in the eastern part of the Gaza District. The delegation comprised
Abdul-Rahman Al-Mizyen, police ; Colonel Ziyad Al-Sorani, representing
security outfits; Hussein Ahmed, (deputy senator of media Lieutenant Colonel
Waleed Jahash and Lieutenant Colonel Ihab Al-Jalameh.

Brigadier General Wadyeh spoke first at the meeting, indicating
that the visit came as part of a general plan that calls for leaders of
military and security outfits to conduct visits to locations to take a
firsthand look at the conditions under which security personnel operate.

“We are facing an enemy that continually tries to spread chaos
and internal disagreement among our ranks in order to weaken our unity,”
said Wadyeh in a clear reference to the recent events in Gaza. He emphasized
the value of unity and the need to take precautions to protect against a
repeat of the Gaza incident, which benefits only the Israeli enemy.

Wadyeh added that Israel continually strives to spread rumors to
weaken the Palestinian stance and called for remedying the problem of
collaboration. He added that the attack against the Palestinian people
necessitates that all Palestinians stand united. Wadyeh stressed the need to
continue the Intifada until the rights of the Palestinians are all granted,
adding that the Intifada and the right to resist occupation is but one of
their legitimate rights.

Wadyeh explained that the PNA-announced ceasefire does not mean
that the Intifada will stop, adding that the decision improves the standing
of Palestinians worldwide and should be honored by all factions. He
continued, “Our leadership is wise and understands the dimensions of the
current stage very well,” going on to emphasize the need to “bolster faith
and respect in our hearts”.

Brigadier General Sultan referred to the latest developments and
Israeli violations against the Palestinian people, confirming the need for
full readiness to resist Israeli attacks.

Sultan then praised the role of the Political Direction Bureau,
especially at the current time, saying that political direction should play
an exceptional role under such circumstances. He alluded to the attack
against the northern force headquarters following the mission that took
place at the settlement of Eli Sinai. Sultan also spoke about Israeli
demands and procrastination in terms of bilateral security meetings,
stressing the fact that the Palestinian side will never succumb to Israeli
demands and continues to cling to the right of sovereignty in the land of

Sultan explained that Border Police forces were responsible for
killing 13 martyrs and injuring tens of others in the Intifada, adding that
the deaths have left a mark on the spirits of their comrades and that
continued attacks against force positions would assuredly complicate matters
further. He explained that continued Israeli attacks do not serve the
ceasefire currently in effect and said that Israeli intentions are impure
and involve a desire to neutralize the international stand and reinvigorate
the internal struggle.

Brigadier General Sultan alluded to social and economic problems
facing the Palestinians, calling for quick action to end the problems, whose
solution, he said, should bolster national unity. He warned the attendees
that the Israelis strive to spread chaos in the Palestinian street and
should be deterred.

The meeting involved discussions pertaining to several important
matters. Participants agreed on the need for organization as a means to end
social and economic problems and on the need to unite all PNA institutions
in order to resist negative phenomena that harm the struggle for freedom.

Said Ahmed, “The PNA must treat social problems arising as a
result of economic difficulties. We must be fair and must concentrate on the
public, because that is where our strength lies.”

At the conclusion of his visit, Wadyeh and his companions toured
the headquarters of the Third Battalion in Beit Hanoun, which had been
raided by Israeli forces. He met with the leaders of the battalion and
delivered a lecture in which he spoke about the current conditions and
latest regional and international developments, including the attack on
Afghanistan and its influence on the Palestinian cause.

Wadyeh also mentioned US President George Bushís statements
about the Palestinian state and noted the decisions made in the Doha
conference regarding finding a solution to the Palestinian issue. He praised
the role of the Border Police and said, addressing the troops, “You have
always been a symbol of resistance and perseverance and we are now in need
of such steadfastness.” He emphasized the fact that the resolve of the
Palestinian people is stronger than all the weapons available to the enemy.

Continued Wadyeh, “No matter how long it takes, we will achieve
our rights and establish a Palestinian state on our land”. The Palestinians,
he added, were able, through tenacity and sacrifice, to force the US into
acknowledging their rights, and their sacrifices, partly as a result, are
finally beginning to pay dividends.

Wadyeh went on to say that the Palestinians are currently in the
middle of a war of resistance, which is something to which they are entitled
according to International Law in light of the fact that occupied nations
are permitted to use whatever means necessary to end occupation. He added,
“The US must understand that state terrorism waged against us must be
stopped,” stressing the need to prevent Israeli Prime Minister Sharon from
taking advantage of the international situation and having his way with the

Battalion commander, Colonel Mohammed Rajab, welcomed the
visitors before saying, “The third battalion, despite the difficulties it
has faced and the catastrophes it has endured, is still standing on its own
two feet and handling its responsibilities competently. We hope to continue
operating in a commendable manner and pledge to work day and night until our
national goals, beginning with the declaration of an independent Palestine,
are realized.”

Ahmed Atiyyeh, (political senator of the third battalion???),
said that the battalion has taken a stringent stance to defend the homeland
and protect its northern border at all times and all costs. Added Atiyyeh,
“At this time, we are engaged in a battle against the Zionist enemy and
defectors from the reign of the PNA. At this time, even though our locations
have been destroyed, we are still armed with a will of steel when it comes
to defending the homeland.” He finished by saying that he considered the
Political Direction Bureau the “conscience of the PNA”.

At the end of the tour, the delegation met with the commander of
the second battalion, Colonel Saeed Funouneh, and several of its officers
and discussed the latest developments and means to overcome the various
difficulties facing the Palestinian people. The attendees agreed that all
security personnel with the PNA should play an active role in safeguarding
the hard-earned accomplishments of the PNA. The attendees also agreed that
all internal disagreements should be ended and that the lessons of the past
should be heeded. Al-Hayyat Al-Jadeedah.

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