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[Close – but no cigar] Rocket lands near kindergarten

IMRA December 26, 2005

[IMRA: It would appear that Israel will continue with its policy of waiting
for the Palestinians to first succeed in murdering Israelis before actually
taking – rather than talking about – serious action.]

Rocket lands near kindergarten,7340,L-3190485,00.html

Chanukah miracle? Qassam rocket fired at Israeli kibbutz Monday afternoon
lands near preschool during party; no injuries reported, but local residents
upset at government inaction
Shmulik Hadad

Chanuka miracle? A Chanukah party attended by kindergarten children and
their parents in kibbutz Sa’ad was disrupted Monday after the activation of
the “Red Dawn” alert system was followed by an exploding Qassam rocket

No injuries were reported in the latest rocket attack. Another Qassam landed
Monday afternoon south of Ashkelon.

New Threat?

Fatah: We have better missiles / Ali Waked

Disturbing announcement: Senior al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades figure says group
possesses longer range missile that could hit southern Israel communities
previously immune to rocket threat
Full Story

“This was a big miracle, because the Qassam rocket landed at a very small
distance from the kindergarten during the Chanukah party,” community
director Sarah Evron said. “We must recall that kindergartens and all other
educational facilities at Sa’ad are not fortified. Obviously, after (the
attack) the party ended.”

This was not the first time a Qassam rocket lands at the southern kibbutz,
but up to now residents asked that the community’s name not be published by
the media. However, the residents are apparently sick and tired of the long
wait for fortification, anger that only intensified Monday after
fortification work began at a nearby IDF base.

“We’ve been waiting long months for a solution in terms of fortification. It
feels as though soldiers who are not protected immediately prompt
fortification work, but we must remember we have children growing up here on
the border,” Evron said. “In our view, we must first protect children and
only then soldiers.”

Improved rockets

The rocket fire presents the security establishment with an old-new dilemma,
that is, whether to put into action the plan to create a “security strip” in
the northern Gaza Strip in order to curb rocket fire.

Relative quiet prevailed in the area in recent days, and the harsh weather
conditions also contributed to the calm state of affairs, with the IDF
refraining from taking any action. However, the renewed rocket attacks
Monday coupled with improved weather conditions could lead the army to offer
a response and adopt new measures.

Earlier, Israeli decision-makers were presented with an additional threat in
the form of a message by the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, which claimed that
they possessed “Grad” type rockets with an improved range.

A senior al-Aqsa Brigades member, abu-Fadi, said that “if Israel sets up a
security zone in the northern Gaza Strip our group will not sit idly by. We
will use these weapons.”

He added: “It cause us to strike all of these settlements and Israeli
communities in the area. We have in our hands a list of targets, and we can
strike the enemy. Then the occupation government will be the big loser of
its actions, and our determination to free all of our land from Zionist
occupation will only be strengthened.”

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