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Excerpts: Ahmadinejad vows Israel’s destruction. Iran elected new OPEC president. Again, the Danish cartoons. Jordan King meets G.W.Bush. Abbas ‘upbeat’ ; no mention of recognizing Israel’ sovereignty October 15, 2010

Excerpts: Ahmadinejad vows Israel’s destruction. Iran elected new OPEC president. Again, the Danish cartoons. Jordan King meets G.W.Bush. Abbas ‘upbeat’ ; no mention of recognizing Israel’ sovereignty October 15, 2010

Excerpts: Ahmadinejad vows Israel’s destruction. Iran elected new OPEC
president. Again, the Danish cartoons. Jordan King meets G.W.Bush. Abbas
‘upbeat’ ; no mention of recognizing Israel’ sovereignty October 15, 2010

+++SOURCE: Naharnet (Lebanon) 15 Oct.’10″Ahmadinejad Vows to Wipe Out
Receives Seized Israeli Rifle from Nasrallah before Leaving Lebanon
SUBJECT: Ahmadinejad vows Israel’s destruction

QUOTE:”Lebanon has ‘joined the axis of extremist states’ ”

EXCERPTS:Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ended a two-day visit to
Lebanon by meeting with Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
The overnight meeting took place at the Iranian embassy in Beirut’s Bir
Hasan neighborhood.

Nasrallah proudly presented to Ahmadinejad an Israeli rifle seized during
the 2006 Israel-Hizbullah war.

Hizbullah said in a statement that Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah discussed the
Iranian leader’s “historic” visit.
It added that in a gesture of gratitude and loyalty Nasrallah offered
Ahmadinejad the personal weapon of an Israeli soldier which had been seized
during the 2006 war.
Before the late Thursday(14 Oct) meeting with Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad
predicted the demise of arch-foe Israel from Bint Jbeil, Hizbullah’s bastion
in south Lebanon, only four kilometers (2 miles) from the Jewish state.
“The whole world knows that the Zionists are going to disappear,” he said to
thunderous applause before a frenzied crowd in Bint Jbeil.
“The occupying Zionists today have no choice but to accept reality and
return to their countries of origin,” he added.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit back at Ahmadinejad’s
“The best response to the hateful verbal aggression from across the border
was given here 62 years ago,” Netanyahu said in Tel Aviv, referring to
Israel’s creation in 1948.
In Bint Jbeil, thousands of men, women and children crammed into an outdoor
stadium and onto rooftops waving Iranian, Lebanese and Hizbullah flags and
cheering the hardliner Ahmadinejad who arrived on a Lebanese army
His official visit has been denounced by the United States and Israel as a
threat to regional stability.
. . ..
His visit to the south brought Ahmadinejad the closest he has ever been to
Israel and was seen as a joint show of defiance with Hizbullah.
. . .
Israeli officials have slammed Ahmadinejad’s visit as a sign that Lebanon
had “joined the axis of extremist states,” while the United States called it
a “provocation.”
The visit has underscored Iran’s reach in Lebanon through Hizbullah, the
country’s most powerful military and political force.
“His travel to southern Lebanon… is solely to rally Hizbullah, which
continues to serve as… Iran’s proxy in Lebanon,” U.S. State Department
spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters in Washington.
“So his presence there we think is a provocation that continues to undermine
the sovereignty of Lebanon and the security of the region,” Crowley said.
The visit has also drawn criticism from Lebanon’s pro-Western parliamentary
majority, who see it as an attempt to turn the country into “an Iranian base
on the Mediterranean.”
. . .Although Ahmadinejad has trod carefully since his arrival, he
nonetheless rose to the defense of Hizbullah at a rally on Wednesday, saying
the U.N. court was framing the Shiite party.
Disdain for Hariri’s camp among Hizbullah supporters was apparent during
Ahmadinejad’s visit, when every mention of Hariri’s name was met with jeers.
“We are seeking to spread science and they want to keep us in the dark,” he
told students and staff.
From south Lebanon, Ahmadinejad returned to Baabda Palace to bid farewell to
President Michel Suleiman before his departure around

+++SOURCE: Saudi Gaazette 15 Oct’10:”Iran elected OPEC president: Naimi”
,Agence France Presse

SUBJECT: Iran elected new OPEC president

EXCERPTS:VIENNA: Iran will assume the presidency of the Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries next year for the first time in 36 years,
Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi said Thursday(14 Oct).
The minister confirmed to reporters that Iran had been elected OPEC’s 2011
president by the OPEC’s 12 member countries at a one-day meeting here.
Meanwhile, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries left its
official oil production target unchanged amid an uncertain price outlook and
data pointing to strong global energy demand. OPEC, which pumps 40 percent
of the world’s oil, agreed to keep its target at 24.84 million barrels a
day, current President Wilson Pastor-Morris of Ecuador told reporters after
the meeting at its headquarters.
“No change” to output, said Pastor-Morris, while Saudi Arabia Oil Minister
Ali Al-Naimi also confirmed the widely-expected decision, adding that it had
been taken “because the market is good”.
The oil market registered little reaction, with Brent North Sea crude for
November delivery remaining close to $85 a barrel in London trade after
solid gains in recent days.
Ahead of the meeting, and mindful that a spike in prices could harm a
slowing global economic recovery, Saudi Arabia said it was happy for crude
to stay around $70-$80, where it has been for much of the past year.
OPEC, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has kept its official
output target steady since the start of 2009 following hefty cuts aimed at
boosting prices.

+++SOURCE: Reuters, Canada:15 Oct.’10:”Denmark denies apologizing for
cartoons”, Reuters
SUBJECT: Again, the Danish cartoons

QUOTE:”Denmark’s F.M.: ‘I can clearly deny that I have given an apology. ”

FULL TEXT:COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Denmark’s foreign minister denied
Thursday(14 Oct) that she had apologized on a Middle East trip for cartoons
of the Prophet Mohammad, initially published by a Danish newspaper in 2005,
that angered many Muslims.
Middle East media, including the English-language Egyptian Gazette and
Arabic television network Al-Arabiya, said Lene Espersen had apologized for
the cartoons during her visit to Cairo Wednesday(13 Oct).
But Espersen said on Danish TV 2 News Thursday she had not issued any
apology for the drawings.
“I can clearly deny that I have given an apology,” Espersen said. “But I can
confirm that I have said that freedom of expression is not so extensive that
it would not have any limits.”
The cartoons published first by the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, especially
one showing the Prophet with a bomb in his turban, sparked violent protests
in Muslim countries and the torching of Danish embassies in 2006.
Most Muslims consider pictures of the founder of Islam offensive.
Reprinting of the cartoons by many Danish newspapers in 2008 after a death
threat to one of the cartoonists was followed by another wave of protests
and controversy.
The Egyptian Gazette cited Egypt’s Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb as saying that
Espersen “renewed her country’s apology for the publication of these
cartoons and pointed out Denmark’s efforts to issue a law criminalizing
contempt of religions.”
Espersen said that she told the Sheikh that the Danish government found it
regrettable that many people were offended by the drawings and that the
government condemns demonizing of groups of people based on their religion
or ethnic background.
But Espersen, who faces a general election before the end of November next
year, also said that citizens had a right to express themselves within the
limits of the law without interference from the government, TV 2 News said
on its website.
Espersen met with 17 ambassadors from Muslim countries in Copenhagen at the
end of last month in a bid to foster understanding and prevent a new crisis
after the Jyllands-Posten editor of the cartoons published them again in a

+++SOURCE: Jordan Times 15 Oct.’10:”King meets Bush”

SUBJECT: Jordan King meets G.W. Bush

QUOTE: “Bush is in Jordan on a private visit”

FULL TEXT:His Majesty King Abdullah receives former US president George W.
Bush on Thursday. Bush is in Jordan on a private visit as part of a regional
tour, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. Royal Court Chief Nasser Lozi
attended the meeting.

+++SOURCE: Jordan Times 15 Oct.’10:”Abbas upbeat on US efforts to resolve

SUBJECT: Abbas ‘upbeat’;no mention of recognizing Israel’s sovereignty

FULL TEXT:RAMALLAH (AFP) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed
optimism on Thursday(14 Oct) that Washington would convince Israel to renew
a settlement building ban and end a peace talks deadlock.
“Why not hope that the US administration will convince Israel to stop
settlement activities,” he told reporters at a joint news conference with
visiting Finnish President Tarja Halonen in the West Bank city of
Ramallah.[IMRA: No mntion of recognizing Israeli sovereignty ]
Israel and the Palestinians began face-to-face negotiations six weeks ago,
but the talks look set to collapse following the end of an Israeli ban on
settlement building which expired on September 26.
Israel has refused to reimpose the moratorium, while the Palestinians say
they will not talk while settlers build on occupied Palestinian land,
prompting a flurry of US diplomatic efforts to resolve the deadlock.
“Let’s focus on hope and not failure,” Abbas said. “If the US efforts do
yield progress, we will be ready to resume the talks immediately.”
The Palestinians see the settlements as a major threat to the establishment
of a viable future state in the occupied West Bank, and they view a freezing
of settlement activity as a crucial test of Israel’s intentions.
Sue Lerner – Associate, IMRA

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