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Slowly But Surely

Arutz Sheva July 2, 2002

Quietly, efficiently and without international protest, Israeli forces continue their anti-terrorism offensive throughout Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Last night saw the arrest of many more wanted Arab terrorists, including Nizal Sawiftah, an Islamic Jihad leader in Tubus, a village near Shechem. Also taken into custody were Assad Halvoni, a leading Hamas terrorist who had been operating in Shechem’s Casba; an Arab woman in the midst of preparing to carry out a suicide attack; and others. In Gaza, the army discovered a tunnel used by Arabs to smuggle weapons into PLO-areas from Egypt.

No sooner did the IDF forces leave the western Shomron city of Kalkilye this morning and redeploy around it in a tight closure, when fresh intelligence warnings of terrorism were received – and the army went right back in this afternoon. Kalkilye is located east of Raanana.

The IDF has announced that thousands more army reservists will be called up for duty this week to take part in Operation Determined Stand. Army sources have said that the reservists will not serve more than a month on active duty.

Palestinian terrorists threw a firebomb at a car traveling near Shilo, in Binyamin, last night. No injuries were reported… Shots were fired at an Israeli car north of Jenin this afternoon; no one was hurt.

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