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UN Report Omits P.A. As Child-Warrior Sponsor

Arutz Sheva December 19, 2002

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has issued a new report to the Security Council condemning 23 nations and movements that recruit child soldiers – yet one entity particularly known for massive recruitment of child warriors is conspicuously absent: the Palestinian Authority.

“For the first time in an official report to the Security Council,” said Olara Otunnu, Annan’s special representative for children and armed conflict, “those who violate standards for the protection of war-affected children have been specifically named and listed.” Despite this blanket statement, reports that amidst cited offenders such as Afghanistan, Colombia, the Philippines, Sudan, and many others, the Palestinian Authority – where “children continue to be raised, virtually from birth, to be jihad warriors” – is not mentioned.

The intentional recruitment of PA children to die as suicide bombers is accomplished, writes yesterday, “through constant indoctrination in the mosques, by way of television programming, and in the school classroom.”

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