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Arutz Sheva January 23, 2003

Three Israelis were murdered by terrorist gunfire at about 8:30pm tonight. Gunfire was heard at K’vasim Junction, at the entrance to Hevron near the Arab village of Yatah. The three were found gravely wounded and efforts by paramedics and other emergency medical service personnel were unsuccessful. The three were pronounced dead on the scene.

The terrorists escaped to nearby Yatah and a manhunt is underway at this time. Nahal Brigade soldiers taking part in the manhunt were fired upon by terrorists at a-Tut Junction in the area. There were no injuries in that attack. On Thursday afternoon, there was also a shooting attack without injuries in Hevron.

A government source in Jerusalem a short time ago released a statement that security forces will apprehend the terrorists responsible for the latest attack.

Since October 8th, 23 Israelis were murdered in Hevron, the Southern Hevron Hills, and Kiryat Arba areas.

October 8 – Four Israelis wounded by terrorist gunfire at Ziff Junction in Southern Hevron Hills area. 1 died the next day. (1)

November 15 – 12 persons are murdered in an attack on Worshipers Path in Hevron. (13)

December 12 – 2 soldiers were murdered by terrorist gunfire at ‘Ikul 160’ in Hevron. (15)

December 27 – 4 Israelis were murdered in an attack in the Otniel community hesder yeshiva in the Southern Hevron Hills district on a Friday night. (19)

January 17 – 1 Israeli was murdered by gunfire in his home in the Givat Harsina neighborhood of Kiryat Arba after a terrorist infiltrated during a Sabbath meal. (20)

January 23 – 3 Israelis were murdered at K’vasim Junction in the Southern Hevron Hills area. (23)

Hevron has been and remains under curfew at this time. Security forces continue to operate in the area in search of the terrorists.

The Izzadin el-Qassam faction of Hamas has circulated flyers in PA autonomous areas accepting responsibility for tonight’s attack.

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