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TV Polls: Likud Doubles Labor; Right-Wing Bloc: 70 Seats!

Arutz Sheva January 28, 2003

According to Israel Television’s exit poll, the Likud has won 36 seats in the 16th Knesset – more than any of the recent polls forecasted for it. Labor received half that amount, while Shinui received 14 seats. The National Union – 8 seats, UTJ and NRP – five each. Meretz dropped dramatically to 5 seats, while Shas received a surprisingly large 13 seats. Herut did not enter the Knesset

Channel 2 Television says that Likud received 33, while Herut may have made it into the Knesset. Channel 10 said that Herut certainly made it into the Knesset.

The three television exit polls show basically the same trend: The Likud received double Labor’s score, or close to it; the Arabs received 10 seats; and Shinui is the third-largest party in Israel, with 17 seats (14, according to Channel 1).

Regarding Shas, too, Channel 1 differed than the others, giving it 13 seats, as opposed to the 9-10 accorded it by the other TV stations.

Herut is still a big question mark: One poll gives it nothing, one poll gives it 2 seats, and one poll is still doubtful.

The National Union receives between 7-10 seats, while the National Religious Party and the United Torah Judaism receive 4-5 seats each.

Yisrael B’Aliyah and Am Echad have 3 seats each in all the polls.

Meretz dropped dramatically from 10 seats to 5-8.

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