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Two Soldiers Killed In Terrorist Shooting Attack

Arutz Sheva November 18, 2003

A fatal terrorist attack on the Tunnels Highway between Gush Etzion and
Jerusalem claimed the lives of two IDF soldiers this morning.

Around 6 AM, Palestinian terrorists opened fire from very close range at an
Israeli car, murdering one soldier on the spot and seriously wounding another.
A doctor and a Magen David Adom medical crew that both happened to arrive on
the scene from different directions administered emergency treatment. They
accompanied the wounded victim to a hospital, but he died within an hour of the

The names of the two victims were released shortly after noon: Warrant
Officer Shlomi Belsky, 23, of Haifa, and Sgt. Sha’ul Lahav, 20, from Kibbutz

Security forces closed off the highway as they combed the area for the
murderers. By 8:30 this morning, they had already managed to open and re-close it,
after a device that appeared to contain explosives was found.

Other passengers in the targeted car said that the terrorist who approached
the car did not arouse suspicion – but then removed a Kalachnikov rifle from
under a blanket he was carrying and began spraying fire. He arrived on foot from
the nearby Arab town of El Khader, which has since been placed under curfew.

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