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Four Bus-Bombing Victims Identified

Arutz Sheva February 22, 2004

For the second time in just over three weeks, a Palestinian terrorist
murderer blew up a Jerusalem bus this morning, killing seven or eight people.
At least three of the victims are aged 20 and under.

For the second time in just over three weeks, a Palestinian terrorist
murderer blew himself up in a Jerusalem bus this morning, killing at least seven
people. Abu Kabir Forensic Institute sources say that the number of victims is
actually eight.

The bus was on the #14a route, from Har Homa and Talpiot to Beit HaKerem via
downtown Jerusalem, taking students to school and citizens to work at around
8:20 in the morning. Hospital officials say that, contrary to rumors, the
victims show no evidence that the bomb contained chemical materials.

The process of identifying the bodies continues, and the names of four of the
victims have so far been released:

* Lior Azulai, 18, of Jerusalem; he is being buried this afternoon in Har

* St.-Sgt. Netanel Habshush, 20, of Jerusalem; he will be laid to rest
tonight at 20:15 in Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery.

* Yonatan Bnayahu Zuckerman, 18, of Jerusalem, who will be buried later today
in Givat Sha’ul.

* Yuval Uzana, 29, of Jerusalem, will be buried at 8:00 this evening. He is
survived by his wife and two children.

The attack occurred just outside Liberty Bell Park, at the north end of Emek
Refaim St. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon was in the Inbal Hotel
(formerly Laromme) at the time of the attack, just a few hundred yards away. He
was addressing the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish
Organizations, a convention of delegates representing 53 American Jewish organizations.
Malcolm Hoenlein, President of the Conference, said this morning that, “This
is, for us, the clearest message that terrorism can hit absolutely anyone. In
response to the obscenity of Israel being put on trial in The Hague for
defending itself against this type of murderous terrorism, this right here is the
most definitive proof that Israel has the right to take any steps it deems
necessary to defend itself.”

Some 57 people are reported wounded, including five in serious condition.
Among the wounded are teenagers and soldiers. The bus driver is hospitalized in
Hadassah Ein Karem, with wounds described as “light.”

The murderous explosion comes a day before a hearing is set to begin at the
International Court of Justice in Holland, in which Israel is “on trial” for
constructing a partition to prevent Palestinian terrorists from easily crossing
into Jewish-populated areas to perpetrate lethal attacks.

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