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Heavy Rocket Damage To Home In Jewish Gaza

Arutz Sheva February 27, 2004

“We are just so thankful. G-d simply took us with tweezers and rescued us.”
So said mother-of-four Chani Tzadok this morning, shortly after a rocket landed
directly on her home in N’vei Dekalim of Gush Katif. She told Arutz-7 what

“It was shortly before 10:00, and my husband and I were in the kitchen,
preparing Sabbath food for the soldiers – these angels of G-d who watch over us –
and suddenly, I heard the loudest explosion that I can remember. It was a
tremendous boom, and all of a sudden, everything in the kitchen was just full of
rocks and smoke, and the smell of gas, and bursting water from the pipes. I
called out to my husband, ‘Are you OK?’ and he called out to me, ‘Are you OK?’ It
was simply an amazing miracle. We were just a couple of feet from where what
looked like the rocket, or a part of it, ended up. We are so thankful; G-d
simply took us with tweezers and rescued us… The upstairs bedroom is also
destroyed; thankfully the children weren’t home and were spared this.”

Chani’s husband Yitzchak, speaking with Arutz-7’s Yishai Fleisher this
morning, can be heard at .

Asked what she has been doing in the two hours since the missile fell, Chani
said, “My friends and neighbors have been here, cleaning up whatever can be
cleaned. We have absolutely a fantastic community here… It’s clear that the
terrorists are encouraged by Arik [Prime Minister Ariel Sharon] and his talk of
retreat, but I can tell you that we are very strong; while governments come
and go, we will always remain here.”

The army announced that the missile that hit the home was of the Al-Batar
type, with a warhead even more powerful than a Kassam. Gush Katif spokesman Eran
Sternberg said that this was the 76th direct hit on a home in Gush Katif since
the present Home Front War began over three years ago. Some 200 other rockets
landed in backyards, driveways and the like. The Tzadoks’ driveway itself was
once hit, two years ago, when the family was not at home. The Tzadok family,
including two children who are married and two others, has lived in N’vei
Dekalim for 21 years.

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