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IDF Preps Major Cities For Worst-Case Scenarios

By: Steve K. Walz, Jewish Press Israel Correspondent

JERUSALEM – A recent series of advanced IDF Home Front Command computer simulations determined that Israel’s anti-missile defense systems would be unable to prevent volleys of rockets fired by Hizbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, from smashing into Israeli cities and towns.

The computer models, which were based on the latest military intelligence, showed that hundreds of conventional missiles would pierce both the new Israeli Iron Dome short-range and upgraded American medium-range Patriot anti-missile systems and strike major cities such as Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beersheba. The missile strikes would kill dozens of people, wound several hundred and cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

A second series of worst-case scenario simulations, based on a chemical weapons missile strike on Haifa or Tel Aviv, produced a more ominous casualty rate.

Based on both models, the IDF Home Front Command sent out copies of the simulations to all 256 Israeli municipalities in order to instruct local administrations on how to deal with a series of emergencies in the moments before and after a missile strike.

The Iron Dome system is designed to detect, locate and shoot down several incoming short-range missiles at the same time. However, the combined arsenal of Hizbullah and Hamas exceeds 40,000 missiles. A repetitive volley of missiles would overwhelm the Iron Dome system in its current configuration.

Last weekend, two regional Arab newspapers reported that Iran had smuggled long-range Scud missiles, unmanned aerial drones and combat aircraft to Hizbullah via Syria. The story lent credence to recent reports in the Western media that a large Israeli air raid against a series of Hizbullah and Syrian missile bases and smuggling routes was called off at the last minute several months ago at the behest of the White House.

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