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Israeli Hikers Return Fire, Kill Arab Terrorist

by Hillel Fendel

( Five youths hiking through the fields north of their hometown Beit El on Friday afternoon were attacked by two armed Arab terrorists. The Jews, following military procedure, called for them to identify themselves. However, when the terrorists continued to advance and shot directly at them, the hikers returned fire, killing one terrorist.

The army investigated the incident and found that the youths, some of whom were soldiers on leave, had acted properly.

T., a hesder yeshiva soldier, told Israel National News what happened: “The five of us were walking, and at one point, at some distance from us we saw a group of five people. We weren’t sure if they were Jews or Arabs… We called out to them, but they continued walking towards us, with weapons pointed at us. We fired in the air, called at them to stop and identify themselves, but two of them – the other three ran away – began shooting at us. We quickly took cover behind rocks and the like, and then, from a lying-down position, I was able to take careful aim through the high-powered sights. I shot one of them and saw that he fell.”

T. then said that the other terrorist crouched down near the dead terrorist: “I checked to see if he was making a move for his gun, prepared to shoot if he did. He made a move, and I fired near him – and from then on, the situation was frozen for about 15 minutes, until the army came; we were lying down, keeping them in our sights, ready to fire if he made a move, and they remained in the same position as well.”

The IDF arrested the remaining terrorist, and confiscated two assault rifles and one pistol from the scene.

Arab sources claimed the dead man was merely a hunter, to which T. responded, “So why did he shoot at us, even after we called out to him to stop?”

Ein Yabrud: A History of Hostility
The incident occurred near the Arab village of Ein Yabrud, which has been the site of several terrorist attacks in the past.

In December 2000, Binyamin Kahane and his wife Talia were traveling past Ein Yabrud on the Ofra-Jerusalem highway with their family when Kalachnikov-armed terrorists fired 50 bullets at their car. Both parents were killed. The IDF later razed three houses and a stone wall in the village. Several weeks earlier, terrorists shot from the same place at an Israeli bus, hitting no one.

In October 2003, terrorists in the village murdered three IDF soldiers who were on a routine patrol there, and then coldly fired additional bullets into them to “confirm the kill.” A fourth soldier escaped the latter shots, hiding behind some bushes with moderate-to-serious wounds. A few days later, an Ein Yabrud terrorist seriously hurt himself when a bomb he was preparing for use against Israeli targets exploded in his hands.

IDF Awards Two Heroes
Just last week, two Israelis received IDF certificates of appreciation for having responded heroically to terrorist attacks. IDF Binyamin Brigade Commander Col. Amir Abulafia awarded the certificates to two residents of the Binyamin region of Judea and Samaria: Moshe Benbenishti of Nachliel and Erez Bar’on, a former student of Yeshivat Har Brachah and the administrator of Yeshivat Hitzim in Itamar.

Benbenishti was cited for having “acted courageously when he did not lose his cool when attacked by rioters from the village of Zara el Kabaliye.” In the incident, which occurred in March of this year, Moshe “used his personal pistol and hit one of the central inciters, and as a result saved his life and scattered the mob that wanted to harm him.”

Erez Bar’on was praised for “acting with perfectly cool when he responded effectively and killed a terrorist who tried to attack him as well as a youth at the Shilo hitch-hiking post.” The incident occurred a month ago.

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