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Letter from Sara 17: Thanksgiving

Two weeks ago people from all over the country (i.e. noted Kabbis, dignitaries, and friends) joined together in Kfar Darom’s synagogue to remember our dear friends, Gabi Biton and Miri Amitai, who were murdered in the bombing of our school bus. Lazier Amitai brought tears to our eyes as he spoke of his beloved wife, Miri. Several days later the Liora Alper, wife and mother of three, miraculously survived the bombing, and after months of suffering from severe leg wounds, finally recuperated. At their home we shared in a thanksgiving meal – thanking G-d for this big miracle. Present were other residents who had also been injured in the bus bombing. Liora’s husband spoke of their mixed feelings in making a thanksgiving meal, since our community is still mourning over the loss of Miri and Gabi. However, according to Jewish tradition one must see the good in G-d’s doings and be thankful for every miracle we receive. And so too, many families in Kfar Darom have made thanksgiving dinners, over the past several months, each thanking for their miracles, most of which pertain to mortars, falling on or near homes with no casualties.

Along with thanking G-d we must make an effort to physically protect ourselves in order to justify miracles in the future. Therefore, the residents of Gush Katif are now busy campaigning against a detrimental plan which the Israeli government under U.S. and Arab pressure devised. According to the plan, the Gaza Raffah road which was partially closed to Arab traffic, for security reasons after the bombing of our school bus, will be reopened to Arab traffic while a new road will be made for Jewish traffic wich a bridge crossing over the re-opened road toward Gush Katif. It is obvious to all including those who devised the plan that anyone driving to Gush Katif will be an easy target while on the bridge, as well as the fact that a powerful enough car bomb below could (G-d forbid) kill all traveling on the bridge and essentially disconnect Gush Katif for an unknown amount of time. Today, we will G-d willing be demonstrating against this danger at the site of the bridge’s construction. In addition, we will continue our campaign through letter writing, petitions and more. We understand that we must do everything in our power to ensure our children’s safety and bright future.

Speaking of a bright future, I would like to end off on a happy note. The oldest child of Kfar Darom celebrated her engagement several days ago. She is the first of Kfar Darom’s youth to get married. Her wedding, which upon estimation will have over 600 people, will, G-d willing, take place in the month of Feb. here, in her beloved community, Kfar Darom. May Kfar Darom merit to witness the establishment of many young Jewish homes to enrich our community.

NOTE: Since this was written, Prime Minister Sharon has decided to postpone or cancel building the Gush Katif bridge because of massive objections.

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