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New Outposts Update

Nineteen new locations throughout Judea and Samaria – and Kisufim – are
the sites of Land of Israel construction and pioneer spirit, as of this
Chanukah. Soldiers are guarding the new sites.

Youths of the Land of Israel Loyalists took advantage of their Chanukah
vacation to advance the cause of “The People of Israel in the Land of Israel
according to the Torah of Israel,” and are in the process of building outside
the following 19 sites:

* Elazar, Bat Ayin, and Efrat in Gush Etzion
* Adei Ad, Beit El, Maaleh Levonah, Psagot, and Kokhav Yaakov in Binyamin
(north of Jerusalem),
* Maaleh Hever south of Hevron,
* Mitzpeh Yericho and Kokhav HaShachar in the Jordan Valley,
* and Karnei Shomron, Eli, Peduel, Talmon, and Yitzhar in the Shomron.

Two more locations, Neriah and Karmei Tzur, were added today. Other sites
are expected to be added over the course of the 8-day Chanukah holiday, which
ends Monday.

The most emotional pioneering effort took place in Kisufim, at the former
entrance to Gaza. Some 30 youths from Gush Katif established a presence, but
did not sleep there. They will arrive again tomorrow together with youths from
Kfar Darom and hotels. The plan is to turn it into a permanent meeting place
for former Gush Katif residents, and, says at least one former resident, “a
place from where we will be able to return home. If it took 19 years to r
eturn to Gush Etzion, hopefully it will take less time to come back to Gush

Dozens of youths took part in construction efforts at each site, and also
held prayer services, Chanukah candle lighting ceremonies, classes, and song
and dance. The residents of some nearby communities also took part in the
festivities. The building continued today (Wednesday) as well.

For those who were unable to take part, Land of Israel youth held
candle-lighting ceremonies at dozens of central intersections aroundd the country at
precisely 6 PM Tuesday night. The candles were lit in solidarity with the
establishment of the outposts.

A police official responded with disdain to the coordinated country-wide
effort, saying it was merely the work of a “bunch of bored youngsters.”

Datia Yitzchaki, formerly of Gush Katif and a spokesperson for the Land of
Israel Faithful cause, said in response, “Those who think that bored youth are
those who build the Land of Israel, have a problem. It appears to me that
the bored youth of this country are doing many things other than building the
Land… Many great things happened in our nation because of the youth, and we
can be very proud of these youngsters; they are the ones doing something.”

Two headlines just from today dealing with youth blared, “Police
Investigating Violent Youth Games in Petach Tikvah” and “Holon Resident Stabbed by
Youths in Kiryat Ben-Gurion.”

Yitzchaki added that contrary to the media line that the police are simply
biding their time and waiting until the youths return to school next week,
“the fact is that they don’t have sufficient forces to deal with all 20 spots
that we have managed to build at one time. We truly hope to make these into
permanent locations; in Kokhav Yaakov a concrete floor has been poured and two
caravans were brought in, and in Beit El a caravan is hopefully on the way…
We are looking now for young couples and families that wish to make these
places their home.”

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